Arnold darken areas too black


There’s not enough light getting in there, I assume you would have the same issue in a real scene.

I would leave bounces at 10, maybe play with the material roughness, and an additional infinite light shining straight down might help too. Also try lowering the height of the ornaments.


I’ve already rendered with 10 diffuse, but it didn’t help.
I tried with directional light stright down, and this also didn’t help, as you can see.


I made a quick try with KeyShot render, and it looks much better.


And much faster!


Not sure but what else could lead to this effect is that the normals on the ornaments and letters are softened on the top edges.

You could make sure that these objects have hard edges there. From some of the renders it looks like they don’t.


I’m guessing you need a lot more than 1 sample in your dome light, and probably a lot more GI / Diffuse samples too, it’s unlikely that enough samples are getting down into those tight spaces.