Army of Scorpions 2, Tomasz Jedruszek (2D)


Title: Army of Scorpions 2
Name: Tomasz Jedruszek
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

Zoe Robinson ,the art director of Fantasy Flight Games ,asked me to do paint over the good old “Army of Scorpions” so it could be used for large print ( huge AGOT banner on neariest GenCon) ,orginal "army of Scorpions " used for card game was only 1350x1110 pixels. But I rather would like to make this scene from a scrach in hihg res ,than paint over old stuff. So I did…

Here’s result , the source image has 10000x7000 pixels , PSD file has 943 megs :smiley: This is oficially the largest file I ever created so far. Oh,yeah - I did actually - Venhelis map got 11423x5760 and way over 1.6 Gbytes but thsi is another story

for those who loves statistics -total time to complete :(aprox)10 hrs (splited into two days of work)


Man! You are a master. Love your stuff. Cant’ wait to get to your level.

Great stuff.


5 stars from me :drool:


great! 9 stars


Very dinamic piece. Love the movement, lighting and the composition. I wish I could let the painting go after 10 hours. Well, kudos what has been said before me, you are the master!


The key ,and I have learned that many many years ago, is to have your work always finished. So if you have 1 hour you artwork should be finished just the same as I f you were able to work for 5 hours or 3 months. You know the exams to art academy goes for 3 hours or something ,you have to paint whole masterpiece in that time. " If you would be surprised by the exam subject (which is keept in secret to the very last moment), and You just won;t have any idea how to paint it ,you will have much better chances to pass the exam if you just paint over whole canvas with random color than submit empty white frame." Witold Berus who were teaching me arts ,use to say.

so in practice it should look like: You paint everything right where it should be and how it should be. Taht stage shouldn’t consume more than 1-2 hours and your client should be able to tell what did you painted. then according to time left till deadline , you adding details ,more and more but simultanously -everywhere at the same time . You go one level of details at the time then go deeper if you still have time ,never digg into details in one area then go to another area etc. You might simply get bored with that image when you will spent 10 hours paint …face f.e. then you look how much left you still have to paint over , and what worst ,at the same level of deatails as face were painted ! so another 10 hours for left hand then another 10 hours for shirt button etc … boring as hell.

so when your client will call you and say " forget about hte deadline ,give me what you got i have to print it now!"
you can say " ok, but main character looks like gorilla , if you would let me work on this another hour I could make him George Clooney"
-“does he look like a man?”
-“then it is allright to me”

never like this:

“sent me those illos i need them now!”
"ok ,but "army of scorpions " are not ready yet "
“how much <not ready>?”
“emmm…I ve got the sky and the foreground actually …but I ve planned to paint knights(notice! the most important subject of the illo in that case!!) later in two or three hours …but the sky looks goergeus!”
“Ok,sent me what you have finished , and forget about “scorpions” we’ll put that crap looking pink horse in the layout instead …again.”

in the second variant you just waist your time and your client’s too. It doesn’t matter how good your sky looks like , the art is not finished -ergo it goeas to trash can

You know what i mean?

check out for “speedpainting” treat on this forum or other ( sijun f.e.) that kind of practice can really improve you time need to final art


Hey thanks for the note, that’s a great way to practice. I wish I could have had some formal schooling in that regard but I wasn’t so lucky with that. Nice to learn from other artists experiences. I need to actually work on my discipline of not putting too many details in, which I am accustom to do; and which I love. I am just hoping I am not killing my illos with it. Having said that, I have yet to miss a deadline and when the time is tight, you bet I do stuff that doesn’t look as polished as I would have it if I had a month of time.

Best wishes!
Speedpainting here I come! :wavey:


My PC wouldn’t handle so large file - in megabytes, not in canvas size. But this would be problematic, too, Painter would be freezing,Photoshop is much better coming to memory use. I think Painter even can’t work on such big canvas, I would have to do it first small, than polish in parts, as I am working right now if I want layers on big images (my largest was 8000 in longer side,I had to limit layers to 2-3 max while working on the whole image, I did characters on a separate cropped file).

Technical stuff aside - great job! I wish to see it printed large on that banner :smiley:

And thank you for another insight into completing illustration.Unfortunately I work this way - focus on face details on some parts forgetting the rest. Speed paintings are indeed gret way to learn, I need to make them more often too. But I also noticed I can work faster and more effective, when I don’t care about the subject,but if that’s about a character I like then it becomes horrible and I’m never satisfied with effect.


thats why I quit working with painter after few hours of fun. I don’t want to sound like PS fan it has its minors too…well , I can’t remeber them now :slight_smile: but sure it has . ANyways , I didn’t even go that far to notice Painter doesn’t support that large images. I only learned that it use to choke a lot even on rather average sizes of images.PS handle those ,and also layers manageing is more flexible and practical. For more statistics: My record about layers used in one piece was about 180 or 200 or something like that. That was durring work for Redlnyx , I did painted an army of chaos (WH40K) ,ech soldier been made of parts like “left upper arm” "left hand open " “left hand closed” etc so they can be animated later in game process . Findeing any mistake in that was almost impossible. kiddin’, it wasn’t taht messy , I group ech character;s layers , mark with different color each section of the body , like left sied : green torso:purple etc. and named ech soldier like "first rank ,angry fella " , "second rank ,bannerman " etc.

well,It doesn’t have to mean wrong every time. If You jsut do that smart… lot of artist ( polish too and I bet you know some of their works : Malczewski, Kossak or Gierymski) leave some spaces sketchy …or even ampty. but they were masters :slight_smile: they knew ways(composition ,rythm or perpective) to focus your attention on that parts “finished” or if you prefere “polished” so you may even miss that “blank spots”…or ,which is still succesfull , they make you believe those “blanks” are …hm , “part of the game” or the other words " right in their place" ,so when You spot that sketchy part you are afraid to speak too loud about that (especially in gallery nex to so called “conesseur” :D) ) so not to be red as ignorant…or red neck :wink: . So You job is ,if You don’t have time to finish artwork ,make it looks like finished. I cannot explain what is that mean preciselly but I only know some people can do that and some peolpe can’t .

Well ,but that is the point -I work for years …many , and I never was satisfied with any of my works. I can even tell you more , If I ever will I think I change my job - which would be a total disaster to my life. I love to paint , I love to doing it for living and I know I will never reach so called “perfection” ,that’s the meaning of my life and what I am doing here. Think how boring the painting would be if you were finish each of your work with stamp “perfect! -done, next” . Pathetic ,is it? Lets paint a horse … done! is there a reason to apint another ? why ,this one is perfect! , so what’s next ?a man on the horse… done ! what next ?.. boring :slight_smile:

it is like everyting on this earth. think what would happen if we were immortals? what was the point for breed anymore? how about cristal clear sky …where’s the place for fighting against big corporations poluting air? Or waht if we were all the same - no point to meet other people anymore.

so if you are not satified with your work that’s good ,because you still have strenght to produce another make your fans happy and upgradeing yourself that way as a human,person,artist,professionalist etc

BTW: what is your PC configuration ,maybe it is just a matter of another RAM bone. As I worked on my old Athlon (typeing on it right now) 2000 and 512RAM I had some problems with Photoshop ,then bought nother 256 of RAM and it was like mile stone . Now I have ATHL dual 4600+(2.41 GHz) and 2 GB RAM suitable for most of my needs.


omg this work is just beautiful! really like it! great colors too…


i hanvent been on these forums as much as i should but lately ive been seeing your avatar everywhere man, very glad to see an artist on here posting regularly… i got the speed but the drive hasnt been there for a while …You are inspiring. I,m coming for yah

the only crit is that guy in the forground to the very left corner …i would rather like to see him seperated from his surroundings by colour or shadow …it looks like you relyed on the dark colour of the rocks behind him and those highlights around the edges of his face and helmet to seperate him …although it is a quick fix…but if not for those he might just blend in with the rock…ulness that was the intention

any way nice work 4 stars from me



Really nice work and thanks for sharing your thoughts too… was inspiring… Will try to apply them in the future…


Great work, i like it. The atmosphere is impressive


Probably this will be the first piece I will see to get five star from everybody voting here.

People above have made all possible praises.



Man, i read your replies to the letter :slight_smile: and i can’t tell you how much i am glade to be here and read this, Specially what i quote, i had never satisfied with my works, always think of it as a weakness and try hard to improve my skill and the quality of my works .

Honestly, thanks for sharing all of this information :slight_smile: and Yeah i like the painting before and after the serious polish … Impressive

My best regards.



Grtat! 5 stars!


5* and no comments.
just stunning compo and mood! what really is interesting for me is to look the color scheme you have used. amazed!



Great Work! Congratulations!


Good work!


Impressive job, i think that’s the right way to work. :thumbsup: