Armoured Core Style


Heya all!
just thought i should put up a VERY EARLY stage of the model I am busy with.
Its based on one of the Gears/Mechas/Cores (name them what u want I like the term gear though) from the game Armored Core - Nexus

No Meshsmoothing used anywhere, wanted to see if I could make a high poly model without smoothing it.
Oh and dont expect it to be done anytime soon, got some stuff to do for a job I getting (plus I’ve been busy with it since september last year on and off, more off than anything though)

Let me know what you all think:rolleyes:


Looks great so far.
cant wait to see more.

I am not that familiar with this anime though. Any links to it?


its not an anime, its a game :slight_smile: I’ve been playing armoured core for like 8 years now, lol. Looks great man, keep it up :slight_smile:


looking very good, can wait to see more…good luck


niiiiice, looks good so far, armoured core is bas ass, looking forward to updates :smiley:


Hey all!

Sorry for the SLOOOOOW updates, just started a new job and things are pretty hectic there. (lotsa jobs and moving premesis at the end of the month, what a time to join them)

Will try and do a update this weekend, after seeing the C&Cs from you guys…you gave me some new insperation! :buttrock:



I am a fan of the armored core series and I’d have to say, your model is quite good considering your not using meshsmoothing.

Are you using NURBS? You must have a very high end video card to have that kind of detail in the viewport. This almost makes me wanna start modeling parts.

Keep it up man!


Thanks Ravennguyn!! (Raven…hmmm…like in AC??)

Nope…NO NURBS! lol, just good old poly modelin. I dont have such a hectic Vidcard its only a HIS - ATI Radeon 9550…with a bit of overclocking, I hide what I dont need when I’m working on a part (Alt-Q…VERY USEFULL!)

Anyway, check back later this week, IF I’m not too busy there should be an update!:thumbsup:


Hey Carl

Good work with the AC, looks wicked, keep it up, cant wait to see finished model!
Nam sucks, I might be comin back to Cape Town sometime next year, if I can get a good job over there.

What kinda work u doin?


i was gonna do one. looking nice man, keep it up.


i would love to see more progress!!! its a good start you got going!


Been hectic busy with work, BUT…that no longer a prob. Just heard a little while ago that they letting me go :cry:

Anyway, I have done a TEENY WEENY bit more on it though. Added onto the shoulders, patched up some groups and organised some stuff. I also managed to make a nifty slider set with limits that I collected into the parameter collector for the Exceed orbits (the things on his shoulders) Vineer thruster fins. Works like a charm!


Both EO Vineers closed

EO Vineers open at different amounts. 2.28=max limit

Sorry for the huge images!
hope you guys like. Eventhough it only a small update.
Encourage me more and mabey I do more :D, Just kidding, I also wanna see the end of this model. Other things waiting to be built.


Hows it going?


Hmmm…thanx for the reply 4th-Child, Unfortunatly…I lost my job a little while back so been doing things for other 3D places to get in with them for a job.

I did do a little extra on it, but nothing to write home about, I think I gonna work some more on it 2moro, cause I got nothing much else to do…and it seems like people are intrested in how far this model going.

check back on sunday, MABEY I will have a update.



any more progress? :smiley:


Hey there 4th-Child!
Thanx for the intrest man, there was a little progress… but there was a power outage and I lost what I had just done (of all the damn luck) by the time power was back on, I had other things to do. Latley, I been slow to work on my stuff (trying to find work, Distractions) so when I do, it’s a miracle!

I did manage to do a simple HDRI render with Vray of the AC (nothing major though) that I could upload for ya?

Just a question… How intersted are you in seeing this AC finished??:smiley:


Yeah go for it mate!! Im a big AC fan and i do love my Mechas lol
and seein what you have done so far it sweet! Modeling and Rigging, it would be cool so see this finished!


COOL!! Thanx man… anyway, here is the render…

Thanx soo much for the Encourageing words man. Think I will DEFINATLY try finish it soon.
BTW…do you know anyone that bout the model kit of this AC, Looking for some ref pics of whats going on on the ACs hips. I want to buy one myself, but my contact for models hasnt got them in yet.


Umm you could look up Shoji Kawamori, he did some mecha designs for AC try google or yahooo, ive got an art book of his and its got some really good stuff in there.


I know Kawamori’s works…he did the designs for Macross series, and I a big fan of that series (mainly the designs).
Do u know if he did the designs for the Mirage C01-GAEA by any chance?