Armour, Laverdet (3D)


Title: Armour
Name: Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Zbrush And Rhino

Hello!.. the head is modelled in zbrush, then “translated” in n urbs and completed in rhino… the whole thing is rendered in carrara3, with just an hdri sunlight…


Nice concept and very neat texturing!
My only complaints are about the head and the connection between the arms and the breastplate. The head is very low, he doesn’t seem to have a neck.
The four arms under his normal arms don’t seem to be connected with the rest of the armour. That looks a little strange.

Except that: great piece of work!


thank you!.. effectively, I’ve going rather “fast” on the armour, and I’m afraid that the links between arms and body,and also the “fingers” , are a bit “quickly done”… for the head, I desagree, as the idea is to have a “very little man”, with a cartoonlike head, hidden inside an excessively protected and armed armour… something like a turtle, you see…


maybe interesting… the very first sketch of that idea… of course, it’s a very broad sketch, just a note of the idea, and I’ve gone on a rather different 3d picture after!.. ps: I’ve a difficult time, understanding how to have the sketch in the thread!.. maybe now…


Hehe cool design and very good texture “Thumbs up”


It’s an interesting concept and a good model, but perhaps what it is lacking is a good angle. In both of your sketches the angle complements the form of body and head relationship, what if you were to do a render from a different angle, perhaps a slight up shot or from where you would imagine a victim of his would see him from.


Thats an awsome pic. Great concept and really funny. Great modeling texturing. I still would like to see that guy witha bottom jaw if thats possible it seems that the lack of it is holding back you composition even taking into acount the turtle concept. Great work.


Great Stuff!

Ha ha he looks a little less frightened with more arms :thumbsup:


whoooa…tons of details…amazing


-the head position is in the right place,
-the connection between arms is fine especially for the first and the second arm from top,
-this suppose to be a heavy armor and it’s not suppose to see the neck,not even in normal armor

if you can post a bigger image size it would be better,
Excellent job Excellent score.


oau i like it verrry much, wnt crazy with the arm there ha?


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