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Hello all,

Here the first pass on my entry. My goal for now is to sculpt the basemesh from Mudbox into a female figure, and then apply some clothing. I’m aiming to get the proportions and details on the face done quickly so I can move on sketching some clothing and props. I want to depict a warrior that fight for the godess Athena, as she is the goddess of heroic endeavour ( and many other thing if you check wikipedia ).

Cheers !



Hello again,
I had some time this evening to get a rough idea of the armor/clothing. I think I’ve got a good idea what to add/change. She will be using a spear/staff (a bit like Athena in St Seya).
Open to critics and comments :slight_smile:


First when I saw the body of the Women, I thought that the shoulders and the breasts seem to be a little to big. But with the amour on, it fits very well.Good job so far… :cool:


Thanks MacAndre !
The proportions are adjusted as I build the armor :slight_smile: I’ve slightly reduce the breast size and pushed them up a bit, that help a lot. I’m doing some test with the leg armor as well, and the were making the calves/ankle really thick, so I’ve djusted that as well. I’ll try to get a new update tonight.



The armoured girl looks great! looks like the armour will have some really nice and intricate details! reminds me of some of the concept art from Kingdom under Fire 2. the characters in that game look so cool.

Maybe you can give her a skirt rather than the shorts.


Thx !
About the short I was thinking the same, I thought they were kind of okay from the front view, but the back part was king of unappeiling …
I might try a few thing, trying a skirt like design.
The art work from Kingdom under Fire is really cool, never heard of this game before, but it’s really nice !


nice armor, the helmet design, with the hair is cool.

same thoughts on the shorts: they look kind of unappealing and don’t fit to the overall design of the armor.

in this case is maybe less more.

keep going!


hello ! Is the clothing better like this ?

I’ve added a glove, a kind-of skirt and changed the proportions of a few elements. I’m ready to get nice retopo and uvs to bring everything back to Mudbox and start putting details and textures.

Cheers, Vincent


I like that last revision a lot better. Only thing looking odd still is how the pauldrons connect since there is nothing going across her back. love the rest of the block in tho! Looking forward to the retopo


Hey Thanks Greg !
I know what you mean for the pauldrons. I was thinking that the piece of armor connecting them to the chest armor would be enough, and I still need to model some straps on the arm keeping them in place. I really wanted to have some space free of clothing or amor on the upper back as well … I thought that covering the body with to much armor wouldn’t be nice …
Thanks for the comments ! Retopo is definitely coming, its just I dont have a lots of time right now.
Next update this week-end hopefully.


same thoughts as Greg. this way is much more cooler.

Maybe you just have to connect the top belt on the back with the shoulderpads.

Nice update!


Hello people,

Here’s some update at last :slight_smile: Did some retopo on the pauldrons, and couldnt resist sculpting and starting a first pass of texturing/shading :

This is a “rough pass”, meaning I’ve spent an evening detailling and posing a base for color/textures. I’ll try to get everything up to this level first ( one evening of work for each main armor piece : leg, chest, arms, clothing ). Then I’ll start spending more time on the sculpt, to try to avoid anything too muchy. And I’ll be adding more specific details like mud, blood etc texturing wise.
I need to start working on the environnement as well … I’ve got the idea already, just need to take some time to work on it.
I’ve got the retopo of the glove and the legs armors already, but I might try to push the retopo before doing any more sculpting.
Comments welcome !


retopo of the head done ! YAY !


nice! the metal looks cool and the sculpting too!

congrats to the retopo :thumbsup: .


Very nice clean topology it looks as if you kept all the forms from your sculpt. :thumbsup: whereas ive got 3 and 5 sided polygons everywhere :scream:

Are you using vray? ( it looks like it?)
I think the material of the pauldrons looks rather weird what is it supposed to be?

By the way can you also post up close ups of the eye topology it looks rather nice?

Hope to see another update soon.


Thanks Max and Gyarados !
For the topology, its really simple, I’m following more or less the muscle flow so its only circles loop around the eye ! And I’ve merged the caruncula (tear duct) out of laziness, I didn’t want to have a separate GEO this time. I’ve spent the evening so far puting some eye and mouth socket … next time I’ll start from a proper (based on this topology) basemesh. Mudbox one is fantastic for sketching but I always end up having a ton of cleaning up to do.

The render is Vray for now. I’m still tempted to revert back to MR in Maya because of the pass system that is really easy to use. As for the metal, I might have been playing too much Skyrim, as I really like the kind of Ebony, Daedra stuff that you can smith in the game :smiley: And I want the armor the stand more against a pale looking skin.
I will do more test when I’ve got most of the armor :slight_smile:


hej vincent you’re right, pale skin and dark armor comes better.

have a question regarding MR and passes. how/when do you convert the textures to linear(if you do). because i’ve the problem, that my beauty looks different to the composed image.


Nice character, could be really cool when it’s done.

Don’t know if its already mentioned, but the shoulder armor looks a very thick to me. They looks quite heavy. Not sure about the form of the eyes, also.

But otherwise some cool stuff.


Thanks for the comments !
I agree 100% on the eyes’ shape, it’s time for me to clean the new topology, there’s always some discrepancies between a sculpt and a retopo. The ears and mouth will need some rework as well. And then I need to spend some time stitching the body back !
For the linear worflow in Maya, I use this method (I’ve tried a few):
Note that the gamma curve node needs to be use only on colours swatches, all the textures are already gamma corrected.



man, thanks for the tut!