Arm/Leg Anatomy


Hi guys,

I have a character in mind, will be extremely muscly;

We’ve covered anatomy for the torso at school but not legs and arms; what muscles should i familiarize myself with (i’m asking which ones i’ll need to model) out of necessity in both the arms and legs to be able to model them successfully.

If you give me a list please specify whether they are anterior, posterier, or lateral.

Thanks, appreciate the help.


The Arms and Legs are fairly similar once you learn one you can familiarize your self with the other…with that said the most difficult thing to model on the leg, I find, is the knee cap. It has to be subtle yet edge flow proper. The Quads and Hamstrings are pretty similar in edge flow but a trick you can try, If you’re good at re-directing edges, is on the Quads have the edges flow from the front of the hip to slightly inward toward the inside of the knee as they fall down the leg. Also the ankle is a termination point for some edge flow. Just take your edges down to the ankle and don’t concern your self too much with the edges once you connect the feet you can use some edge conjunctions (up and overs) to terminate the extra needless edges.
For the arm pay attention to how the bicep and the inside of the elbow merge. For the fore arm you need to add a little twist in the edge flow. It’s kind of hard to describe with out some visuals. I’m waiting for a flight and as soon as I get time I will try and upload some pictures of what I’m talking about unless someone beats me too it. Anyways, I hope some of that was a bit helpful and not too distracting… I hope your study goes well and good luck!


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