Arm Anatomy Reference



I am in need of references for a muscular human arm.
I’ve been searching for several days now and I also entered this forum to search (both manualy and by using the search engine) several times before deciding to finally open a new thread about it.
The only pictures I could find are ones of the bone structure or ones in a perspective. I’ve love to get some in front or left views so I can use them when modeling.

(Thing is I’m trying to create a stone giant and although his arms look ok I’d like to make them look better by using anatomy references)

So if you happen to have any references please post them.



Welcome to the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile:

Try here:

Anatomy Atlases:

and here:

Gray’s Anatomy Online:

There is also simply tons of Reference Links here:

Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks! You helped me greatly. I found many useful references within these links.


No problem! :slight_smile:




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