ARES, Dima Gaborak (3D)


Title: ARES
Name: Dima Gaborak
Country: Russia
Software: ZBrush

Hello! My name is Dmitry Gaborak. Here is my Character that i done for Dominance War 4. He is in TOP 10 and I really happy about that.
I wanted to show nature of character – enormous, brutal force, ready to tear to pieces everything on his way, with feral roar.
Hope you like it )) C&C are welcome.
it lowpoly with normalmap


looks great…
congrats for the top 10 :slight_smile:


Cat - 5 place in Mini Challenge #2 - Dominance War 4.
thank you :wavey:


good started,
very good work & detalis by the face but
1- blood an the hand i dont see blood he is added any red color ok
2- the eyes u added light why jest color i thing is amazing
3- finl the skin i dont what is the skin ??? matel or what ???

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


wow this is awsome
you should check out Target View


That’s a cool character. Congrats on making the top 10! :thumbsup:


This is an amazing character!

Great attention to detail and textures!

Could you post wires?


Very good work, I love this character…great piece.:slight_smile:


Great model, very refreshing style and character. Superb anatomy for such a monster! oh and some wonderful texture details. Well done! :bowdown:


Great modeling :thumbsup:


standart max mat, only textures , diffuze,spec,normal,alpha
no GI, only seven omnik
thank geys :cry:

gif 1,32 MB


Crazy character… :bowdown: :cry:


Very good modeling skills. Nice work on the textures too. :thumbsup:


Great job CarelessAngel .

I don’t usually like over bodybuilded characters .
But I like this one a lot, very charismatic .

As INFINITE said, great anatomy for this kind of character .

Again, great job :thumbsup:


excellent stuff.


excellent work.


the top 25 pieces from DW4 are all really amazing :smiley: and I can see why this is the to 10.

I think this is enough to be include in the cgchoice gallery~


I salute your insane/beautiful work. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


thank you colleagues :beer: , I am pleasant to hear your words, and they inspire me to work yet more :bounce:


amazing work, congrats on selection in top 10 :applause: