Are you supposed to animate with xgen hair?


I’m making a character and I want to use xgen for her hair and her eyebrows.

However, I’m not sure whether you’re supposed to animate with the xgen hair actually present (surely it would drastically slow down your fps?)
If you’re only suppose to turn xgen hair on when you’re finished animating a shot, how does the animator work without eyebrows or hair?

I hope I’m making sense, I’m just a bit confused as to the workflow.


create some dummy geo for the animator… and turn on the xgen only for rendering or playplasting…


You can animate with Interactive Grooming, it wont require that many things to compute by maya so you can play animation fast in the time line, i belive thats the way to go


Hi Shazgar,

I have created hair for my characters - I have found 3 levels of animation after creating the hair system with guides - I don’t use grooming.

Step 1 - rigid hair that follows the character - is basically creating the guide curves to your character’s hair and eyebrow areas.
 - using utilities to style the hair
- animate the character and the hair “follows” along - in a rigid character motion.

Step 2 - dynamic hair - I would leave the eyebrow hair alone - this would be for the hair.
- on the main TAB for the hair you can find the Button to Create Hair System - turn on animation/live to get this available.
- click on it to create an nHair system - turn on all 4 options

         once the nHair system has been created - play back - the new nHair curves go crazy  and move around alot.

RUN this script in a python TAB:

import maya.cmds as cmds ‘hairSystem1’, r=True )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.startCurveAttract’, 1)
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.attractionDamp’, 0.5)
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.noStretch’, 1 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.drag’, 0.05 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.motionDrag’, 0.05 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.damp’, 0.05 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.attractionScale[1].attractionScale_Position’, 0.75 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.attractionScale[1].attractionScale_FloatValue’, 1 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.attractionScale[2].attractionScale_Position’, 1 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘hairSystemShape1.attractionScale[2].attractionScale_FloatValue’, 0.6 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘nucleus1.subSteps’, 12 )
cmds.setAttr ( ‘nucleus1.maxCollisionIterations’, 16 )

    - PLAY BACK for much subtler motion.
    - play with the options above that I have set to add more or less motion
    - once happy - BAKE out the nHair curves - export .abc alembic file

Then go back to the place where you clicked on “Create Hair System”
- turn off LIVE
- load in the exported curves
- this dynamic motion of the curves is now added to the character’s static motion - 2 levels of motion - static + dynamic!

Step 3:
Overall wind noise
In the utility TAB you can add the modifier WIND
this will move the curves - ADD to each description - so 1 for the hair and 1 for the eyebrow hair

Have fun!