are there macintosh plugs?


Hi all-

I just started using Wings…holy #$*&!
It is SO amazing!

Are there any plugins for the mac version? I would love things like SLIDE and TARGET WELD…among other things.



i found the SLIDE plug and some others. It took me a while to find a place for them in the OSX mac version of wings…but i think i got it. Now slide for example shows up in the menu…but it is not doing anything.

Can anyone help?


what do you mean not doing anything?

when you activate it you simply select a vertex and drag it across the edge. Right clicking exits the tool.


Plugins for Wings are platform independent, so any plug should work in Windows, Mac or Linux :o)

If you’re having problems with a plugin;

Make sure you have the correct version of plug for the version of Wings you are using.

Read the makers notes on it! Clacos has extensive notes on the use of Slide and Tweak-S on his site. One thing you may not have realised is that you have to move your cursor a certain distance before the plug reacts and moves the vert or whatever.

What’s Target Weld? I’ve never heard of it.



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