are there any e-books or scripts for LW?


I was trying to find some e-books or something like that so i havent find anything.


Don’t know of any ebooks but there are plenty of sites with free tutorials for learning LightWave :slight_smile:

Simply LightWave


LightWave Tutorials on the Web


Me e-book will shortly be online at the Lightwave Group ( ) in the Interactive Tutorials thread. The e-book is an integrated series of progressive tutorials outlining Landscape creation in Lightwave, with a lot of Photoshop texture creation material as well.

This E-book is provided freely, and covers the following:

Chapter One: Creating Heightmaps
Planning the environment
Creating heightmaps in Photoshop
Creating heightmaps in a Realtime Heightmap Editor
Chapter Review

Chapter Two: Heightmaps and Deformation
Polygon based groundplane objects
Subdivision Surface groundplane objects
Displacement and Transformation
TextureScape Plugin
Chapter Review

Chapter Three: Low Poly Terrains
Heightmaps for low poly work
Groundplanes for low poly work
Displacement & Transformation
Re-creating the sea floor
Chapter Review

Chapter Four: Terrain Object Surface Breakdown
Large area surface breakdown
Detailed small scale surface breakdown
Pre-planning surface modifications
Creating surface modifications
Chapter Review

Chapter Five: Preparing Your Textures
Gathering textures
Creating the beach textures
Creating the lagoon / river textures
Creating the island textures
Creating the addon textures
Chapter Review

Chapter Six: Texturing Your Terrain
Applying the existing textures
Creating secondary textures
Creating Alpha Maps
Applying the Alpha Maps
Chapter Review

Chapter Seven: Obscured By Clouds
Skies made with gradients and image maps
Skies made with skydome objects
Skies made with Skytracer 2
Skies made with Imageworld
Skies made with Textured Environment
Skies made with OGO_Taiki
Additions To Your Skies
Chapter Review

Chapter Eight: Creating Water
Creating the water plane
Displacement and bumping
Depth Attenuation
Additional Enhancements
Chapter Review

Chapter Nine: Grass
Grass using textures
Grass using Saslite and Sasquatch (pending)
Grass using clip-mapped objects (pending)
Grass using other plugins (pending)
Chapter Review (pending)

There are other chapters that are in the works to complete the series, and they will be made available as completed.



There are some e-books for LW on E-bay. They are constantly on there from the same guy ranging from about 5 to 10 bucks.
I have a couple of them that I got when first started. Basic, but fairly good and cheap. I have his car one and a human head one.


Flashfire, when will your e-book be available, I would definitely be interested in checking it out.


very soon… I have been leaking advanced previews of it out now for the last couple days on our official IRC channel. Once the server admins get my ftp account set up, I will upload it so that everyone can do some reading.



If one of us gets manic enough, he/she should try to piece together from the “Help” file, CGTalkl threads and Scott Cameron site (which I think includes the Newtek tutorials, which have some NEW ARRIVALS), an e-book.

It would be incomplete, but the same erudite chap/siren(?) would probably have a ken where the gaps were and could make some notes to that effect…

So, whoever you are, get busy!


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