Are there Any ColorPencil or WaterColor Shader in XSI??


I have seen a good plugin for 3Dmax for watercolor and Color Pencil shaders,
I am wondering if anyone seen for XSI??



there aren’t any.
afaik the shaders you saw, or anything on those levels, are out only for max for the time being.

your best bet is working in post.


Well as The_Jaco states I dont know of any shader nor plugin for that kind of task in xsi but you can simulate some sort of NPR effect with xsis toon shader it has so many options to play with :thumbsup: you can plug textures to drive the spread or color of the ink, the direction threshold and so on. I made this quick tests to show you what I mean, It is just a matter of playing around. the first one is an attempt to look like pencil drawn, the second some sort of charcoal and the third a pastel look. Well they`re not perfect but look ok :).
Hope this helps…
P.S the third one has a bit of displacement to enhance the deformed ink look.

My tests:


I love your char ChesterJoe, so cute ! :applause:



any more info about how you did that? some explanations about rendertree and/or images used to get the effect?




Thanks guys :slight_smile: It is just a simple character to show young_927 that playing around you can get some sort of NPR thingies without plugins. Im in a rush now so cant explain in detail but basically I used procedurals to alter the line spread, the direction thershold, the color of the ink and so on… but if any of you want the scenes I can email them, no problem about that. I think the three of them are about 3 Mb so if your interested only in one aproach tell me wich and where to send them. Any further info mail me at

P.S the only texture made by me was a pencil sketch ( random diagonal lines drawn with a pencil look inside photoshop) and I used that one for the middle pic and I plugged it to the highlight gloss color and softness. Besides that only procedurals. We could even make an animated texture in loop so as the character moves it looks like the sketches are made for every frame.


cool stuff ChesterJoe!!
I see what XSI toon shader can do~
I think with lot of test there might be a way to make it look sketchy~


Glad I could help a bit young_927 :slight_smile:


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