Are partial subdivision gone from Silo?



Sorry for being a tad active on posting; read that as an eager new Silo user :slight_smile: Thanks!

I do not have the option of partial subdivision in my dropdown menu. Is it gone from Silo?

Second Q: is it only me or does Silo reset (take away) the subdivision state from saved files (when re-opening?)


Partial Subdivide is one of the Silo 1x features that have yet to make it into Silo 2x. It’s not that usefull when working in Subdivision Surfaces, but not every model made I make in Silo will be a SDS. I used it a lot.

Q2 looks like a bug in the SIB output. If you save as SIA the model will come back in with the subdivion levels set.


Wonderful that you take your time to help us “beginners” of Silo. Thank you!!

Then in that regards I have a 3rd question I hope you can help me with: Are there then any way to “lock” sides from moving out of position when subdividing. (Crease just makes hard cuts). As in: it would be of great help to instruct parts of a model to be the “beams of structure” so to speak… So when applying subdivision levels those “sides” (lines) would not move in an X axis for example but stay put. Hope my choice of words makes sense :wink:


Nevermind the last question, I just made another cut between 2 subdiv cuts and set it as “creased”. Worked great. Phew! Next challenge!! haha.


Glad you figured it out :]. Support geometry is the usual method.

If your rendering app supports it, maybe you could use edge weighting instead, or there maybe a shader based soloution. I usually render in an old version of Softimage XSI (7.1) and apply edge weights. Lateley I have been using Blender for rendering and do more or less the same.