Arda Uysal - Circus Auditions - Thin Red Rope


Hi everybody.
It’s a great session as always.

I’ve put my thumbnail sketches together into an animatic. Here it is

The idea is he steps on a banana and falls, luckily on the rope. Falls twice on the rope and again luckily he lands on the safe area. While he thinks how lucky he was, the stick falls and sends him to the ground.

Thanks for C&C.


pertty funny idea … :slight_smile: but do you think it’ll fit for 300 frames… i kinda think that it’s too many things going on… i mean … first he slipped… and then bounce on the rope (which pretty cool to animate)
then … flip … then hit by the stick… hmmm…
everything will move pretty fast… don’t you think?

oh…question… how you gonna do the rope?


thanks for reply vilen13

I guess you’re right about timing. In fact I should do a timed animatic and test it. I don’t know… if it gets more than 300 fr. maybe I cut some parts. But first I want to finish it as it is.

And rope is easy. I tried some tests. first I draw a nurbs curve with 7 control points. than I made the two points at the edges clearer. Then also the 3 points in the middle are nearby. I put a cluster to these 3 points in the middle. And add a controller object to controll that cluster. Now when I move it towards down, up or sides it seems like something is pushing it.

And of course I did an extrusion from a circle to generate a solid rope…


cool idea , looking forward to seeing it finished.


thanks for the reply SheepFactory.

And there comes the rig. I did it a while ago. He’s called “lone”. I think he’s got a lot of potential in terms of emotion and motion. here are two screenshots which he looks afraid.

I switched his arms to IK and constrained them to the stick. so I’ll only animate stick until he throws it. then I think of switching to the fk. Is it a good idea?

And now I guess my infrastructure is finished (I’m gonna fix the boxes he’ll land later). And I’ll start blocking soon. Thanks…


Hi lol very funny idea, he he :applause:

I switched his arms to IK and constrained them to the stick. so I’ll only animate stick until he throws it. then I think of switching to the fk. Is it a good idea?

I’m not a Maya expert ( I think is the software you are using) but maybe you could get more control over hands, for example to change the grip, if you contrain each hand to a diferent locator or control object, and both locator are parented to the stick. This way you can change position or rotation for each hand through locators ( I think you can’t do this with a direct contrain to the stick, maybe I’m wrong). I hope this makes sense.


dsolo: I think it should work the same way if he parants only the hands, the loactors shoulnt add any functionality. From what I know, the best way to work with props is to parant the hands or legs if thats the sort of thing your after, to the prop

Nice idea on this animation, Ill be sure to check it when its finished, Btw, is this a free rig or is it your model and rig ?


I’m curious as to how you are going to rig your tightrope to be affected by the character’s feet.

I did an animation of a tightrope walker back in school. It was my first 3D animation assignment. If you don’t mind, tell me a little bit about how you rig the rope!



Hi thanks for replies.

dsolo and Amirp : I used locators parented to the stick. And constrained my IK arm handles to them. Because if I parent them I can not detach them during animation. If I constrain, then I had opportunity to change their linkage in time. After I throw the stick I will switch to the FK arms. Without locators, if I need to switch back to IK somehow, my IK Arm Handles will be parented to the stick and useless since.

I did the rig and model. Someday when it is advanced enough I’m gonna share it like Andrew Silke did. I learned tons from generi. Thanks.

Slurry: I tried to do it in a very simple way. Just used nurbs curves and their history options. I just captured and put it in . It might be done more complex but I’ll just animate a cluster.

I’ll be blocking next few days. Thanks for replies.


Yes, that’s what I mean. Well now let’s go to forget thouse technical things and let’s go to animate :bounce: can’t wait to see that blocking!


Ok, cool. That’s what I did too. SplineIK and clusters on the control points. It worked really well. At first I tried to come up with a script that would deform the rope based on the position of the feet…but it was too quirky.

Simple is usally better anyway!



I really like that technique for animating the rope flex. I just followed along with the video in maya and it is very easy, but near the end when you create the circle and then form the shape of the rope with it I can’t see what option you chose to make the shape of the circle become the profile for the curve. I have tried several different options and none of them works properly. I would appreciate you help.

I am looking forward to your animation.


I did an early, rough blocking. Couldn’t finish though. Anyway here it is:

After stick’s fall, he’ll walk unconsciously backwards and fall down. After I finish rough poses I’ll start from beginning and edit my poses according to curves I want. Then breakdown and in betweens. Overlap etc… Lots of work but fun.

nomadicrain : it’s just fixed path option. You may explore extrude type, fixed path, use component pivot or the other parameters of extrusion until you get the result you desire.


Thanks man…That was I think the only option I didn’t try. Appreciate it.

I like the blocking. It looks pretty funny. Keep it up.


Looks good to me so far…keep going:) I personally like the view from the side a bit more than the straight on…but it’s up to you:)


I used divx codec (hope doesn’t cause any problems)

My blocking is almost finished. However I’m not satisfied about the camera. I don’t want a moving camera or cut. But as character moves some distance, it will be hard to show deatils. Camera might have to move at the end.



its looking good so far, works really well - nice job



Looks good.

I think that when the pole hits his head, he should sway back and forth and off the platform.
It looks like he’s just walking backwards. The rest looks great, except for more expression when he realizes he’s safely on the platform, but I’m sure you’ll put that in on your future posts.

Keep going!



Here’s the latest clip

I started tweaking.

martshang - thanks

Ænvil - thanks for reply. I’ll try your suggestions at my next update.


Arda, great animation my friend. I like squash & stretch you put into that character. Really cool. Only that when stick hits on his head, maybe you make him a bit dizzy, one step forward or one step sideways (like drunks) before going all the way back and fall. Anyway, good job man. :thumbsup: