Arctic-tropical, Arnas Gaudutis (3D)


Title: Arctic-tropical
Name: Arnas Gaudutis
Country: Lithuania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello everyone!

This one was devoted to spectacular challenge…

There lived an escimos in a distant lands of arctic ocean, who traveled across hunting polar foxes and looking for food. They lived in their small world with no civilization : no tv, electricity, and other stuff. They were born on ice, and never heared about other world’s places.
Once a group of escimo hunters traveled across snow-deserts, and they have found a neglected, congealed ship. They have found alot useful stuff they could use in their mode of life : cups, scoops, pots. But one thing they found was the most spectacular they have ever saw - pictures of other world’s places, with no snow, no ice, just clear water, yellow sand and palms covered beaches.
They were surprised and excited with a such beautiful views. But they knew that they will never get there. And then one escimo decided to realise these pictures - he started to sculpt these views from ice, after that more escimos joined him. They have sculpted whole island with palms and other stuff. They just wanted to have these spectacular places so they could visit it any time they wanted.

Thats my story :slight_smile: what a spectacular things can human make having so great desires even if it is so temporary and senseless.

A grayscale version… dont know why but I liked it…

Hope you will enjoy!




great idea, awesome work. five stars.:thumbsup:


A wonderful image to represent a great idea…


5*****stars from me!:thumbsup:


avesome work, plug this at frontpage!:slight_smile:


One of the best I’ve seen in Spectacular (3D) so far. 5 stars and front page nomination


You are in my TOP3 (3D) :slight_smile: But are you sure you submitted in time? I cannot find your image on the official entry list.


This one is very very beautyful! nice composition and colours…
Exactly the picture frontpage needs! :thumbsup:


this image just goes to show that it would be a waste of time to enter these competitions man…
:slight_smile: excellent image! the idea rocks!
topn notch modeling and texturing!
really notihng lesft to say but GOOD LUCK!:slight_smile:


Thanks alot for the support!

Im a bit sad couse I gave too little time for this work, and I started it a 1,5 month to finish line, and I missed couple days to get it finished on time…

Hope next challenge ill make on time…


Thats great!

Very good image. I like the look
of the snow. It´s very realistic.

Superb work on modeling, texturing, rendering!

That rocks:thumbsup:


man, this is fantastic, so much things to see in this image, its just great! I dont like the sky though, it just doesnt fit that well, may a more cooler image would do. Minor critic though. Just a wonderful job you did.


feel the same as i said in your spectacular thread.

5*, am sure youll get a choice reward, its just stunning.


Wow .Wow.WOW

This is just excellent.The idea is great and the execution is amazing.5 stars


The mood is realy great,i do like the colors and the render:thumbsup:


coool work man :thumbsup:


really nice, I like the BW as well. :thumbsup:


woo that’s really nice!!

may i ask a question? how do you creat the snow? on the ground, one the little ice house,they seems very nice with snow. thank you !


Thanks for the comments!

george0280 > For the ground I used painted texture and then displaced it on mesh, to get footprints and small cracks. The igloo bricks were displaced too but with sss, so the light casts and brights thin cracks… so there we get this effect.

wybl > yes I agree about sky, but this was opposite to that what is real, palms+snow, cold atmosphere + warm… thats why it gives myst to image…


Very cool! ****