Arctic Express 2008, Raphael Lacoste (2D)


Title: Arctic Express 2008
Name: Raphael Lacoste
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I did a speed paint a few months ago and wanted to push the picture to the next level. I worked on this illustration with some photo manipulation and a lot of digital painting.
I did the train in 3D so I could choose the right angle and the stylised shape I wanted for the mood of this picture.
all the pictures used for textures are from personal photos I did in a train museum in montreal and mountains original plate was a photo taken by my father in France. a lot of paint over on the mountains was necessary to give them a more stylised shape and… create more interesting composition, lines for an illustration!
So it is now a mix between matte painting and digital illustration work, I hope you will like it and I wish you a happy new year :wink:

Raphael Lacoste


Great work! :bounce: :thumbsup: Wow,wow,wow!!!


Awesome picture with its insane details! I like those mountains, like dripped sand or icecream! :stuck_out_tongue:
The train is great, altough i don’t really understand the exaggerate of the train size but it might had to be cuz this is an illustration, and i like it! As the colors! Keep it up, and Happy New Year! :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Great work!

5 *


Fantastique Raph, c’est génial!! J’aimerais surtout voire ce type de contexte dans un jeu vidéo ^.^


awesome piece of work mate,im expecting this to be frontpage and in cgchoice soon:)love the overall mood and the train is fantasticly rendered:thumbsup:


Great work!
Nice details…5stars


Wow, what to say here. Insane amount of detail. Love the subject and the execution is superb. Simply stunning!


Ca va Raph!

What to say about the lighting texturing work of this piece… amazing for sure. but the best thing for me is the camera angle man. You have nailed it there. cos it gives the most amount of speed to the train, it feels like if I blink, the train is gone. tres tres bon!!

Cheers man



thanks to all of you!

here is the original concept I did a few months ago:


Awe inspiring, plugged. :slight_smile:


wow ! thanks :wink:


love the light/color on the mountains,very cool…congrats on another worthy front page plug(that must make you the most plugged artist here)
the size of the train in relation to the lower buildings feels a bit off but overall a very dynamic image…great stuff!




Heh… thanks for showing the original! It’s always great to see how something has evolved. I do feel the lower half of the image is a little different to the top half in terms of detail and texture, but it’s still gorgeous.


That remind me of “Polar Express” great work you got there.


Awesome work :buttrock:


Simply spectac! I think the push in dynamism gives the piece the punch needed to take it to the next level of energy. I would love to see the 3d mesh of the train if you have a chance.

Wonderful work.

-Anwar Bey-Taylor


Very Cool! I like the colors:)


Amazing, front page indeed, inspiring :slight_smile: