buildings can tango too you know…
i tried to have a bit fantasy with a bit of reality.a bit of real world and a bit of space.
maybe it worked and maybe not. :slight_smile:

 the base done in MAYA and then i pimped it a whole lot in photoshop.
 some painting and some matte.



it looks more like the horn of a bull. if that’s an actual building doing tango the people inside will have plenty of ballroom dancing exercises like waltz and chacha, it will be fun.



Check mine and let me know about them…

Lost Paradise

Trapped In Iced

Trapped In Iced 2 The Night Fall


thanx guys i understand ur point.
its meant to be like that.
i think thats the cool thing about this contest. that u dont have to do the usual stuff
just go crazy.


I like this piece a lot! One crit: The water itself seems to be too large. It seems as if your architecture and your city scape are far away, but only a small body of water is in front of it. Maybe smaller waves or more detailed textures could give a better illusion of the scale that I think you are going for here. Just a thought; otherwise, I love it, especially the clouds/stars in the sky! Very nice.


thank you for the useful comment :slight_smile:
i will fix the water and upload it later to hear ur opinion.


Good pic. If you try to render a faerie world in a modern style, it’s good, the choice of color and the ambiance is really cool
great job


MDN67 thanx man i appreciate it.

here is my fix to the water hope u guys can tell me what u think.


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