architecture: Orange Passion


Hi everyone,
this is a room I made for myself, because I´ll live in it in some weeks. So I planed a little bit how to color it and were to put the furniture. I made it with 3ds max 6 and rendered with vray.
I hope you like it,



change idea… it resembles an hospital !! :cool:



i like it!
good work with max/vray and with the orange-room look
do you design the curved furniture?? or it’s from IKEA or other store??



@darkiz: yes, the curved one is my design. I designed it for myself and so it was a custom pruduction just for me. I was a bit expenisive, but ok. I appreciate that you like it.



nice work…i like the book shelf:)


@ pes: thanks!

@ darkiz: do you mean the book shelf (curved furniture) because thats what I thought, or was it the chair?(wich is also curved :slight_smile: ). the chair isnt from me thats a design from a italian company called Kartell (



Cool. But, don’t you have a TV or where is ur PC?


@ Nedim_S: of course i have. here you just see one side of the room. On the other one there is the tv a sofa and the computer on a desk.


Cool design. I like it. But where are the shadows for the weights?


That carpet will annoy you everytime you open that door :smiley:


Believe me, the colors would make you sick - I would not want to live in that room…


Is it just me or is it on a lean?
but anyhows, i like the reflections on the light fixtures, quite accurate.
The bookshelf may i say is well modelled, bit close to the bed maybe?
and maybe a colour change to pale greens? the orange doesn’t do it for me.
more furniture (looks a bit empty).


the atmosphere reminds me of a rich people beach house


Well it’s a lot neater than my room will ever be :stuck_out_tongue: I like the theme/colors

ive seen a chair similar to that at a few stores i was tempted to buy one just to have it lol


pretty well done isi…

i like the rendering… especially lighting and this nice chair on the right. but it seems like if the diffuse-shadows are not 100% accurate and the image kind of lacks contrast… a bit. :wink:



thanks for all your comments!
i know that some things arent so well, but thats my first good picture. so i have to learn a lot more about lightning and stuff.
this picture is finished for me, so all your hints ill use in my next works!

greetings from germany!


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