Architecture : OBC



Here’s my latest work for architectural viz…
Rendered with max6 and Vray.

[UPDATE]Added some flying birds…Killing those birds…[/UPDATE]

Hopes you like it.


Close-ups :


wow great stuff! I would like to see a more traditional view though. One that shows off the entire building, if you have it.



These pictures are so good my neck is starting to acke from looking up! Hyperrealisic, very good!


Thanks mr parrot & percydaman :slight_smile:
I’ll post views of the entire building next week, renderings are in the starting blocks.


Woaw Man!
This is a really realistic picture!
The light, the design, the view, all is really perfect!
Well done!


:thumbsup: excellent artwork!woaw!belle maitrise de VRAY,héhé!enfin un poste d’un EX-itécomiens.


jen dirais de meme mes ami Vray et impretionant putain!


WOW! Simply amazing! :eek:

I realy like the wireframe version with reflection, VRay do that?
Sorry I’m not very expert :sad:

I also would like to see some other view!


Thanks guys for your comments !
As i said before, other views are coming soon.

TroyMcClure -> Wireframe is a mix done in photoshop, between the first render, and a wireframe render(rendered with max scanline renderer).
I think Vray doesn’t render wireframes (or i don’t know how).

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I just added a little update on the 1st render, to equilibrate (don’t know if this word exist in english language) the composition.
Edit : I’ve removed the birds…they were killing the way of reading the image…


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