Architecture: My living room


Started a new project a couple days ago, going to try and model my living room. Its still in its early stages right now, but i thought i had enough to go ahead and get a wip going. Still have a lot of modeling to do, even more texturing to do, and the lighting is still temporay. Any comments or suggestions would be a big help…i will be doing a good bit of work on this day by day, so stay tuned for updates!

piano closeup


Is the ground plane a hard material or a carpet? if carpet, what kind of carpet? And lots of stuff like that. I think the base modeling looks great. I’m excited to see your textures.


Thanks. The floor is made of hardwood. But i might add a few rugs here and there. Texturing is going to be tough, but it should be fun. BTW does anyone know where i can find a good hardwood floor texture? I’ve looked around, but can’t really find any good ones.


Man that is pretty nice, the lighting is pretty slick too, I really like the piano and the table but the piano is missing the little thing that holds the music, other than that it looks great, cant wait to see a final,


lookin good otacon:)
you can photograph your floor and make your own textures, you will get the best result this way.


Thanks for the replies. Yea, i forgot the thing that holds the music…i’ll be sure to get to work on that. I would photo my floor, but i dont have a digital camera:( If i did i would also be able to show you my actual living room. Ive added the couch into the scene. Next i’ll work on the piano thing, and a few end tables.


Added the music holder on the piano…


Heres another angle of the room, and i also added the two end tables…


great modeling


Added some lamps into the mix…feel free to comment!


Man, this is looking something awesome, And the mirror on the wall adds a really cool effect with the reflection. That lamp is beautiful to, looks like some major Bevel work, you wouldnt have happened to use vertibevel to make that would you?

Awesome work, cant wait to see more,


I actually used vertibevel for almost the first half…mainly to get a base so i could see what i was doing for the rest.


Got some curtains modeled and added in. It changed the lighting around a little bit. I also got the other chair added in…Comments are welcomed!


Keep those comments rolling, they sure are helpful! Heres an overhead view to show the layout so far…if anyone cares. I might start on some texturing, because modeling is getting boring.


You are also going very good! Keep it up too!


Thanks. I added the last table, and a shelf in the corner…




Nice looking place, but either you’ve got some serious O.C.D. or you need to start messing it up a bit. Maybe that was your plan with the textures, but a little organized choas for the sake of living is in order. Mess up those cusions some, like someone has actually used them, a glass here and there, maybe a magazine, or some papers, ect… good base, now bring her to life!


True. The furniture is actually pretty new, we got it less than a year ago…but your right about all the other little details that are needed. I still have lots of things to add like candles, all sorts of little tidbits here and there, pictures on the wall, and books in the bookcases. And im sure the texturing will help make it more believable as well. Thanks for the input!


I worked a little bit on some textures, the couch has too much bump i know, i already fixed it. The floor needs major work. The lighting needs some fixing too, the texturing kind of changed the look of things. Crit away!