i decided to post this image here to get some C&C of the Maya community first.
im posting this one in the Gallery to… but oh… well… here is the image…lol:thumbsup:


WOW Im really glad to be the first to post, i have a few crits, Bottem front widows a tad to relfective and that the roof tiling is a bit to large the side headge looks FLAT and 2D like trees in half life, your skys way to blue even for a clear day might want to add a sun blur and like a tad od discoloration, the out side walls are wy to clean there like so clean add a bump of bricks or sand stone or something.

And 2ns level inbetween the balconys what the hell is that?

Also your cars got to number plate?

How did you do the lighting?



Plus the road and plants and stuff are overlit, simply too bright. Eating away all the depth.
Tho would be interested to know how did you lit it. Add some details, some depth to the ski…some shadows etc and it could look very appealing.
And what is the rendering time?


Eu sou seu fã cara, continue assim muito bom!


Thanks ASW, Splin, im working on some of the modifications that were suggested, i will post a new render soon… (slow computer…lol).Po Ronaldo… valeu cara, mas meu ainda to aprendendo, tem muita coisa pela frente… mais nois tenta… ehehe.:thumbsup:


here is a new version of the image, with some of the modifications that were suggested:)


usually those clay roofs are made from many panels that are only about a foot long, not solid pieces. i can also see the gray roof under the tiles. i don’t know if the bump mapping works particularly well either, doesn’t look like a real material.


hmm… yea… maybe i need try to use a texture map instead of just a simple color,and i agree with you about the roof.Thanks for your comments:thumbsup:


ok… i changed a few things, here is the image.Thanks for all the comments:thumbsup:


Looking much better. There is something bugging me about the door material however, it’s really popping out. Maybe lower the diffuse on it just a tad. I think it’s also the white trim around the edges and engraved areas. Also the the little round bushes in the front seem to be a little flat as far as the lighting goes, maybe have a little more self shadowing around the bases of them. Great work and keep it up.


Here is a wireframe view of the image, the door as you can see its not a real 3d object, im using a displacement map, i think i will need to model the door as a 3d object:thumbsup:


thats why I were wondering why the door looks so weird.


Hi slipknot, looking better. The backyard looks mighty small, maybe thats just how it is :slight_smile: Was this modelled in maya because everything is triangulated so it looks like its been through polytrans. Perhaps some slightly dirtier textures would make it look more convincing, anyway keep up the good work.:thumbsup:



HaHa…Looking alot better mate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Muncher It looks triangulated because he has tesserlation enabled on the objects :wink: Thats why i think anyway.

Change that 2D Tree :slight_smile:

Also find out some one the 3D pain effect because there too bushey.

Also Skys looking grate!

Keep moding it dude.



One other thing I noticed as well, the stone steps leading up to the front door are very uneven. For a house like this they would probably be very eavenly placed and the steps as you have them now wouldn’t be very comfortable walking over as it would be pretty easy to trip and fall. Just a suggestion though =)


Hehe, I like your thinking, but i think the steps brake the house away from the garden and give the garden a forest look. Yet again they are very wired and would be a bastard to cut the grass around them!!!



lolll… me too…


Good work slipknot66!
please, you can explain the lighting setup?
the scale of the model is important for the rendering?


Good Job slipknot66!
Please, you can quick explain the lighing and shadow setup?
Is important the scale of the model in relationship with the lights.
Many tnx.


well… im using 3 lights, 1 spotlight for the sun, emitting 10.000 photons, and 2 point lights converted to Mentalray area lights, using a spherical projection each one emitting 10.000 photons. About the size, the only thing i noticed is tah the models need to be centralized in the grid.This house was modeled in Autocad by a friend, i was responsible for all the Textures,lights,compositions…etc… I imported the scene using the 3ds import option, you get that plugin when you install Bonustools for Maya:thumbsup: