Architecture: Interiors Panoramas


Hi all,
This is my last cg architecture work: three interiors of a house in panoramic format (.mov). The size of the files is very small, so don’t mind to download it. By the way now I’m working as a freelance in custom modelling and cg architecture. If you want to contact with me please e-mail to: :stuck_out_tongue:

Please watch the next page of replies to read the tutorial about this method.

Bedroom - (141 KB)

Livingroom - (167 KB)

Bathroom - (122 KB)

Juan Carlos Jiménez

  • Nice work!
  • The rooms seem a bit empty, but then again that’s the way I like it. (My house is the same way.)
  • The view outside the window in the seems a little too dark for the lighting in the room
  • The bathroom scene looks a little too clean.
  • I really like the fact that you put them into QTVRs.


hey, very nice work it all looks great except for the sink drain in the batroom. It makes the sink look like unfinished cg to me.


great work there, absolutely love the use of qtvr (wish there was more use of it out there) & the lighting is fantastic
like the little touches like the half open door in the living room, though the corner with the white door and bright white windows looks a little sparse (imho)
the tiling in the bathroom is really good too
really inspirational work!

PS- btw, do you know of any good guides to getting started with qtvr? - thanks


Me gusta mucho la iluminación, y la presentación de los renders en QTVR. “Very inspirational” como dicen éstos… :cool:
Un saludo,


Awesome work! My only complaint is the bathroom looks a bit dull.


Very cooooool! I’m doing an architecture as well right now. Can you tell me a bit about your lighting? Spots? Area lights? Shadow maps? FG? GI? What did you use? Very, very realistic and stylish!!!


The repetition in the bathroom tiles is so distracting, that I can’t enjoy an otherwise good piece.


Nice work, but I was expecting to see my reflection in the bathroom mirror.:wink:
I really like these quicktime turnarounds, and the size is so small too. Keep up the good work.



Sweet! I have never seen a full 3d VRML before. always kinda stuck in the middle.



Fantastic designs and your lighting is great. I would like to also request a tutorial, or a link to a faq on how to setup the QTVR. Again, great work.


Lovin’ the minimalist vibe. :bowdown:

Also really like the fact you made these into QTVR’s too.



Cool dude, and awesome lighting.


Good work! The lighting is incredible. Is everything (except the view in the windows) CG?


what software did you use for the vr creation?
Mola mucho!!!


impressive work there man!
For the first time in my life i actually forgot for a second something i was looking at was CG, your choice to put it in QTVR was a good one


HI, Hola


I really love your work, Would like to join the request of others and ask you to sheare the thecnic needed to achieve this kind of VR, please.

Now the same but in spanish:

Me encanta tu trabajo, por vafor me gustaría sumarme a la petición de los otros colegas, y pedirte que compartas las técnicas para lograr esta clase de representación.

BTW you are using Vray don´t you?



very nice work :bowdown:

maybe panorama factory or Quicktime VR probably


very impressive work


Very nice work :thumbsup:

Can you tell my the step to make render like this +

Please please please :rolleyes: