Architecture : -- Colonial facades --


Hi, this is my last work.

render - 3dsmax6

comments, suggestions, go ahead.



ES UN GRAN TRABAJO ,:thumbsup:


Very nice picture. Overall I like it a lot. But two thing bother me:

  1. white color on road sign is too white.
  2. street lamps seems to me a little bit lowpoly. Maybe it’s not the reason they seems strange to me, maybe it material on their sides (glass).


Did you model the Truck and Bike? Other wise I like it but it would be cool to see it in normal colors too.


Wow, I haven’t posted anything in this site in a while. I am amazed if you modelled all of that in AutoCad!!
There are a few things that bothered me though. Although they are my opinions.

  1. The bike seems too big in comparison to the truck.
  2. The street sign seems a little too big, and too thick. ( and as mentioned before white on it is too white.)
  3. Make the glass on the street lamps more transparent.
  4. The cart/stand thing to the far right is too white, it draws attention to it instead of the whole picture. You could either darken it up a bit or add some rust/dirt texture to it. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be that white though.

Overall it is a great picture. It is even more amazing that you modelled it in AutoCad.


As said previously, there are some areas that it looks like you spent a great deal of time on, and others that look like they were just placed in as an afterthought, and seem very rushed. The vending stand on the right of the frame is way too clean, there isn’t any depth to the lighting as well making it appear very flat. The wires in the telephone poles look like they are going straight through the wood, add some of the metal brackets that hold them in place like on a real telephone pole. The bike has scale issues, it’s too large, and I think the truck is a tadd too small. The street signs could be dirtied up a bit as well as some wear and tear on the top telephone pole pieces would be nice as well. The building behind the vending stand could use more dirt and wear, as could the white cylindrical object next to the street sign on the right. The street lamps and lamps on the side of the building look like they were toon shaded and really stick out, add some reflective/refractive materials to them with some dirt and dust buildup. The shades hanging over the windows on the building could use a little more life to them as they look very stiff right now, add some bends and folds in the fabric to give them some more depth.


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