Architectural Visualization REMAKE


Hi again folks!!!i hope u remember my last renders, Architectural Project (Cadiz Bay, Spain). And well, the truth im not satisfied with the result, and as now I have a little more freetime, I have improved them. This it is the result, C&C are welcome as always.


1º Interpretation Center (House) ~400 kb 1280x960 Wallpaper

2º Interpretation Center ~500 kb 1280x960 Wallpaper

Autocad + 3D Studio Max v6 + Photoshop CS & Wacom tablet.
Render time: about 11 hours per imagen + 3 Hours Post-production.





any comment or critic?¿ :sad: :sad:



Awesome work , The previous version was very good ,but this is better if it`s possible.The character at the window is a good idea , and it´s good integrated , it doesn´t look a photo(character).The second image is more realistic , but i like more the first , it has a very interesting ambient.
Hope see more works from you :wink:


tnx for the comment IDMaX!!!



very nice! i noticed ur intention to Bring meaning to the environment, something about the field u added beyond the window, i find it than just a background for the indoor looks. :wink:


tnx for the comment Martok!!!

?¿Any more comment?¿





impressive work dude,frontpage materiaaaal!!!


Respect, good lighting is so hard, but this looks great!
Ah, and someday I will have that chair! :smiley:


as said, great lightning
but what makes it even better are the rich textures you use
this concrete is amazing

brilliant work



Wow, materials, lighting and textures are amazing, not to mention the mood which is very intense. Great job !:thumbsup:


WoW five stars! tnx guys.
mimo8, newke, p_mayhem tnx for the comments!! and Renszu someday I will have that chair too jeje

another process image:



Hola, muy bonito el trabajo, asin que un excellent para ti :thumbsup:


tnx for the comment neozenit!
And this is for all, thre are an article like a “making of” about these renders on



I really admire you! your renders are great!
I’m trying to do something similar because I’m studying Grafics and Multimedial Planning in Architecture in Rome. You are my God from now, and I’m trying to learn from you.

  1. Is it possible to have your contact? msn or email or blah blah…
  2. I really really would like to have a tutorial!!
  3. I’m searching in but I cant find the article you’re talking about.

please please please… I’ll clean your shoes!



Your work looks/is “well executed”, lighting/texturing etc. I was just passing through, then it struck me that there’s something about the reception area that troubled me, It could just be the camera angle but it seems the receptionist would have to be pretty slim to fit behind the reception desk.


stunning… just perfect! this is inspirational to the n’th degree.


i really like the design of the building and ofcourse the render is amazing. What about the photos on the walls? Are they taken by you?


tnx for the comments guys

Ch3 yes these photos are my.
Sylph 1) Is it possible to have your contact? msn or email or blah blah… <-- yes of course
look at this