Architectural Still: Glass & Water house (arnold render)


Hi, guys:

Glass & Water House in Atami (Japan), simulation project of work of Kango Kuma Architect. HDR rendering system.

Please, critiques and opinions.
Best Regards.

Gabriel Serrano
Neutra Studios (web in progress)


whoa… i love the water…

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


wow , is this actually being built? ,

very nice environment.


Sheep Factory, this has already been built, it is a representation of a real project, this is the dining room of a spectacular house.

cartoon version:

Thx for the comments aor & sheep factory.


The Arnold renderer is always awesome, you made a good job with modeling and mood :thumbsup:


That house in Atami is one of my favorites. I once saw it in a Japanese architectural glass book.

I “almost” like it more than Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. :slight_smile:

Great job!

P.S. Whats the name of the Architect or firm responsible for the design?? Kango Kuma or is that you?


thx, ThirdEye_01 and Miyamoto for the comments.

The original design belongs to the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Glass & Water House is in Atami (Japan) in pacific ocean, south-west of Tokio (200 kilometers).
It´s property of president of Japanese toys company “Bandai”.
My work were inspired from photographic reference image of Mitsumasa Fujitsuka and Kenichi Suzuki, and 2D drawing support.

Best Regards.

Gabriel Serrano
neutra studios
Barcelona (Spain)


Could you say something about the arnold-renderer ?Is it public and if no, when it comes on the market and for witch system ?

thx a lot cux


To receive arnold information: Marcos Fajardo (creator and developer).
To receive scene information: Gabriel Serrano (tester & cgartist)


Thanks Gabe for the info.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


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