Architectural Blueprints?


Anyone know where i can get Architectural Blueprints?

Like castle, towers…Etc. Medieval buildings mostly. Or reference pictures! :beer:

Thanks guys! :bounce:


Well, try googling it or go to the library, man!

Well, since i’m an architechture student I’ll give u a tip. There’s two books I think you’ll definetly benefit from:

Architechts’ Data

The Architects’ Handbook

Check the sample pages to see what they’re like.

Good luck.


Ahhh…Sorry. I did search google. But i was hoping you guys would have some better links. :hmm:

Thanks for your help! :beer:


No prob.


You might look for a local architecture school and visit their library. I have a 2" folio on the alhambra in spain with massive amoutns of plans, elevations, and the like. That’s your best bet for historical buildings. Most of these folios easily run $100 - $200.


found this site for residential architecture


Thanks for your help Bix and Boboroshi! :beer:


most cities around the world have a central office that keep records of all the blueprint for the buildings in their cities. If you know what castle or building you are trying to build. try contacting the local governement of that area they can probaly direct you in the right direction. I know this may not be the most cost effective way but you are more likely to find what you are looking for I think


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