Architects, What do ya call the empty part of a door frame ?


We have a door frame, No door.
So the empty space where the door is not, The Architectural name for this would be ?



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It’s the doorway. Badda bing. :smiley:


The bottom part is called the threshold.


I would personally call this area the threshold. I’m no architect, but that’s what its called in this house.


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Arch way, I think of bridges.
Entrance, Does not say if there is a door or not.
Entry way, Does not say if there is a door or not.
Door way, Does not say if there is a door or not.
Door sill, I think of the insulation strip around the door.
Portal, I think of a magical gateway.

Threshold, All right but need the Architectural name for the whole thing,not just the bottom.



According to several CAD tutorials, in an elevation, the cutout for the door is called the “door opening”. The frame and door would then fill this opening. Hope this helps.



Haha this thread is funny

I think we need to bring in a philosopher to help us define the nothingness created by the abscense of the door…



Artists call it ‘empty space’. I don’t know what Architects call it?


“Wall hole thingy”, does the job in my book,


I call it nothing.


“when is a door not a door”


“If a door falls out of its nothingness and nobody is around to hear it - does it make a sound?”


It’s actually called a door jamb.



“Door Jamb” refers specifically to the section of the door opening’s frame that the door would attatch to… the part that has the plate that accepts the door latch. As far as I know, there is no definative architectural term for an opening without a door… call it what you will, but threshold seems to work as an idea of a separation between 2 spaces… wow thats deep man…


Wrong, the door jamp are the decorative moldings placed around the door frame. Mostly used for main entrances and elevator doors.

“Door Opening” is the architectural word (I’m studying architecture). Each part of the door opening, or door hole like sometimes it is called, has it’s name, but all together they are the “door opening”.



Whew, i’m glad we got that settled! Now what about for windows? :wink:


I ran into a door opening once… Didn’t hurt one bit.


A ‘Breezeway’?

And a doorway without a door is called “Opportunity”.



You’re one of the lucky ones. I ran into a door jamb, split my chin open and cried like a little girl :cry:

As for the question at hand, I’d call it the Stargate, the welcome mat’s accomplice or in certain circumstances, the beaded curtain.