Archetype Teaser trailer (Film by Designer Aaron Sims)


“He designed the beasts for I Am Legend, War of the Worlds, The Incredible Hulk, and more! Now creature creator Aaron Sims is directing his own flick about a giant robot who somehow remembers being a human. Watch the amazing teaser trailer now for Archetype.


Robot with human memories, giant evil corporation doesn’t want it to have memories and wants to suppress his glitch, robot goes in search of his memories and his lost humanity…
Wasn’t that robocop? :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. Seems like a personal project though with no additional credits or studio ties other than Sims’ own.


*when Robocop came out I thought it got some ideas from the Colossus of New York


looks cool.


Looks cool, only minor crit is that every shot in the trailer seemed to use the exact same shaky-cam post-effect (the image moved around in frame by the same percentage, regardless of relative scale, if that makes any sense at all).

Will definitely check out the finished film though, the designs look interesting.


Is it even slated for a full production?
It gave the impression of being a finance fetching test kind of thing.


Looks interesting and always been a big fan of his work. That said the trailer doesn’t really grab my attention, it needs to communicate more, especially given the apparent subject matter. Creating a trailer is an art form in itself and i do wonder if Aaron can deliver as a director. But i do have high hopes and will of course keep myself peeled for updates :slight_smile:



Yeah, didn’t think the trailer looked that great, but still nice to see some artists creating their own IP.


Go him! I’m intrigued!




Looks intresting


Yes great to see artists creating IP.
Reminds of that movie Monsters. Loved it by the way.


Seeing this makes me think of his old “Tethered Islands” IP. I wonder what ever happened to that?


I just LOVE the fact that technology has progressed to the point where artists can make films that previously would have been limited to MASSIVE budgets.

Love the robot design, especially the eyes. Although I have to say, I HATE glass computer screens. ;/


Love the robot design, especially the eyes. Although I have to say, I HATE glass computer screens. ;/

lol, says the guy who’s RTI has a glass interface :stuck_out_tongue:



HAhaha-but mine is for game design purposes!


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