Archangel Auriel, Thierry Lafontaine (2D)


Title: Archangel Auriel
Name: Thierry Lafontaine
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Here is a tonal illustration that I made in photoshop inspired by the Archangel Auriel! It was made for fun. Comments and critiques are welcome!


great job Thierry!

great composition and lightening, and Auriel is simply adorable! :slight_smile:

keep it up,


Wow coool and cute creative composition … :applause:


Thanks a lot NJA3d and mridulsen!


So cute :slight_smile:


I really like your painting, any reason why you went for black&white rather than color ?
The composition is really sweet, I also like how you turned her hair into wings, nice touch. Great work ! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ikermel!
I went black and white because I was in a tonal study period where I was only focusing on tones. But since it is getting such a great response I am thinking that maybe I should add colors and finish it: ) What do you think? Any idea for a color palette?
Thanks again for the comments!


It looks so adorable and delicate…great job!


Thanks bo0nsai!


great piece love the idea and composition, the style is also very cool


wow~ the hair , it’s really interesting. love it.
hope to see the colored one!


Thanks Justin,
I like that woman’s portrait in your portfolio: )



It looks sweet.

I think more colours will make the picture just more interesting…


Really love the Idea that the hair turns into the wings! Beautiful work:)


Thanks everyone for the awesome comments!


Just made a new post entitled “The Lost Puppy”!
: )


thats cute. well composed…:).


Thanks Waheed!
By the way your CGportfolio looks great!


thank you Thierry…:). glad you liked.


Wonderful character and very cute! Love your work, Cheers