(arch-viz) - Tribute To Tadao Ando, Alex York (3D)


Title: (arch-viz) - Tribute To Tadao Ando
Name: Alex York
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

Hi everyone! Well, it’s been a while since I posted any of my work here (or anywhere for that matter), but here’s something I recently finished for my university final project. It’s one of 8 architectural renders. I chose to submit this one, since I feel it works the best in the context of the project.

Please be sure to check the full resolution version.

It’s a tribute to a wonderful building designed by the architect Tadao Ando, the Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum in Japan. This is also my first attempt at “serious” arch-viz, and my 1st arch-viz project in XSI.

If you would like to have a look at some of the other renders in the project, please take a look http://www.alexyork.co.uk/gallery-uni-architech.htm]here (please note most of these are still very much WIP and are likely to change for the final pressing)

C&C most welcome as always!

Many thanks in advance.

>> Hi resolution image <<


The Texture-work and the Lights are really impressive…u could sell it as a photo, i think.

Two Thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Thanks very much subterran :slight_smile: I’m pleased you like it!

That link to the rest of the project in the 1st post has gone all hoogly! Here’s a working link:


Sorry about that :slight_smile:


Looking really good, look forward to see the final set compiled. what sort of lighting rig did you use in this?


man your awesome :thumbsup:


i really like the lighting and the general render quality. simple and done well. i like it.


Pure quality, congrats!
So this is an arts Museum. I don’t know much of architecure, but I understand the building itself has to step itself back, so the attention is solely on the art objects. Yes, this scene really steps back, it’s totally empty, there’s actually nothing in the pic :wink:

Is this building already built? Are there already exhibitions? Is this scene an exhibition room? Maybe you could indicate the purpose of the scene by placing something real, but vaguely, maybe like a 2D cardboard of one or two real existing objects, probably in the shadow?

But in itself this picture is pure quality. And I don’t mind saying it twice :wink:


You’ve got some real nice stuff. Good job.:slight_smile:


arona & fluence - cheers guys!

otacon - m8… that’s an honour coming from you. (btw do you know when the backlot is scheduled for a re-launch?)

lebowski - thx m8! I don’t have any training (formal or informal) in architecture. when I started this project I knew it wouldn’t work if I didn’t have a solid collection of reference for inspiration. as far as I know this is an existing museum in Japan. I found a photo of it on google and decided it would be a good starting point for this project. I totally agree that it’s rather empty. I had considered adding some sculpture or other arty features to the scene, but I simply ran out of time! I have to write a 10,000 word report on this project by next week (give or take) so I had to let it go in the end. As it turns out I’m kinda pleased that I left it empty. Viewers have to concentrate on the architecture rather than the contents of the scene, the complete opposite of a typical museum really!

Once again cheers guys. Much appreciated!


Good luck on your word report then! If it goes as good as your render, I won’t worry :wink:


thanks Nick :slight_smile: I started off with a traditional lighting rig (one large spot for the keylight through the right window, a few spots for secondary keys near the back, one or two more spots to kick various focal points (the stairs and the picture boxes on the right wall) a few fill spots and a large spot for some ambience) and then several constant-material grids for final gathering illumination and finally a dome for some overall secondary illumination.

oh, many thanks to Bernard Lebel for his extremely useful reflection falloff tutorial!


Nice lighting
good job:)


Excellent lighting, for the first time arch-viz in XSI, that’s frotpage stuff!


Great work … I love it, even from an interior designer POV.
Keep it up


Nice work. I love the soft hazy lighting. A peacful ambience about it.

Bit puzzled with the trees in the upper right. It’s a large painting or mural on the wall, right?

Also find the perspective a touch weird, your vanishing points don’t quite align. particulary the plaques! Vote from me all the same


Very nice. Especialy the lightning and atmosphere.


Lovely stuff. Great ambience.


thanks a lot guys!

rokol - well spotted! I decided to shoot this more from a human eye POV than a camera POV. I know relatively little about distortion and that sort of thing, but I simply added a little roll to the camera to offset everything slightly. I just got tired of those perfectly aligned renders and wanted to try something new! glad you like it :slight_smile:

thanks again everyone. very much appreciated.


Man you make me feel the weather inside it is worm and it is afternoon time am I right
keep going nice work and nice every thing :applause:


magical lighting…!