Arch Viz: light and space




Looks good!:thumbsup: Except maybe you could break up that line of gunk that seems to be going across every wall and floor in the outside pics. I really like the one inside the room with the light coming through the window. And the yellow room one is good too. Overall great work.:applause:


Wow! looks like some kind of ghost coming out. Z`````````````


crap! i’m working on something that looks identical to your yellow hallway pic. now i need to change it a little.

i love those water/rusty/concrete areas


:eek: verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slick work there. good job.

my favorites are the one beneath the yellow one and the yellow one itself.

the light quality/style reminds me of the Myst/Riven/Myst3 series for some reason.

again, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry very nice.


I dig the gunk!
What did you use to make it?
It looks like lightwave.


Dont get me wrong…i really like the texturing, and the gunk…it just seems a little too repetitive thats all.:slight_smile:


some very pretty scenes you have created!!:buttrock:
Your usage of light is spot on…great work


yeah…nice light…and the textures arn´t half bad ether…u make em yourself or steal em from somewhere ?..cuz there really good…


the lighting is superb, and the texture with the grit is beautiful dont let anyone convince you otherwise, it makes it more realistic



:applause: :thumbsup: :wavey:


Composition and lighting are amazing while shapes reamains minimalist.Very impressive.


ÕâÑùµÄ¹â,¿´Á˾Íϲ»¶µÄ:applause: :bounce:


i wet my pants when i saw the second to last one. its lovely… maybe a bit smokey in the middle, should perhaps be saved for the edges rather than the center.

some of the others have the feeling of painted blocks.

but you know, its all good.


Very nice! I’m not sure the lighting really works in any of them apart from the fifth picture you posted. The others seem slightly mismatched WRT the amount of ambient light in relation to the sunlight. That is, there is probably a either bit too much ambient light, or the tonal contrast of the sunlight is a bit too high.


Exelent Textures and lighting.
My only crit would be that the corners are to sharp.

in the first pic:
bottom right pillar. light leakage. Top left pillar, the texture stops abruptly when it reaches the edge. the light from the water is too bright on the left side. (unless ther is a lightsource there).

In the second pic:
The shadow under the stairs gives the impression that the stair is very thin, too thin.

In the third pic:
The bottom of the left pillar, there is light leaking through. On the top of the right pillar, the texture stops abruptly when it reaches the edge.

the folowing pics:
same thing as above, check the corners and light leakage. Check the textures near the edges on some surfaces.
These are the areas that give away that it is a CG-image. fix this and it world class!!


wow, awesome pictures!!!

what software you used?

( digital cam? LOL :wink: )

very good stuff, i love it!!!


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