Arch Viz: Adobe House


What doesn’t look right?
What could look better:

This was created via:
Lightwave 3D 7.5
Photoshop 6

TOP PICTURE [of course]:

S9 [Micah]


the only problem i see is texturing… near the grinds there the adobe should be diferent.


i agree… some water marks or something… also where the building meets the sky… the dege there is too sharp… might ned some post just to blur it up a small bit…0.10 or something…

nice work.


too sharp. softer edges maybe


I work work on those beams a bit. They look like they are procedural rendered and don’t look like real wood. Then I would take a look at the curtians. Nothing that contains that deep a purple color could possibly sit facing the sun for very long without fading.


Okay, i started from the ground up again.
New Model
New Textures
NewCamera angle

New renders are up on the site:

Top: Original Render
Mid: Color Adjustments
Bot: Sky Photo Composite

Which version is taking this in the best direction^?

I think I was able to address the faded cloth issue.
I added a dust shader that fades from the bottom up, but, yeah, it’s still too squeaky clean, eh?
Truth is, i’m a bit reluctant at adding the water marks because i don’t see them in the photos i refference… just cracks and dust and discolorations…




The building was too plain… too boring.
So, i’ve added a ladder and wall decorations.
Also, i’ve upped the complexity of the wood textures so that they don’t look so perfectly and plainly procedural… though they are still procedural as everything else except the curtain.

I’m thinking about adding some rope hung on the rafters and maybe a bucket dangling too…
Maybe some Navajo pottery too…

C&C, plz. :slight_smile:

S9: Micah


There are 2 new renders at the tripod site, linked on the first thread. They are the 2 bottom pictures.

Rope, pully mechanism, and clay jar.
Decay/stain texture underneath the jug.

The last picture provides an alternate camera angle too.

Which one’s going in the best direction:

S9: Micah


definately 3 is the best… one or two more detais and a HIGHER resolution house can do better

please put real wood texture there (as much as i like the texture in the door i hate the texture at the window and on the ladder)


Okay, i still have to work on the wood for the windows, but at the tripod site is a new render w/ a rug, rope and board detail…


Sky looks unreal even if it’s real. :slight_smile:


Thnx for the feed back, Zarkos, but what about the clouds is ending your suspension of disbeleif?


Sky is brighter on the horizont. Maybe it should be opposite because of the shadows on the house, like this:


Howdy, my name is Michigan. I’m in a hurry and this is my first critique here so forgive me for being tactless. These are the things that I think would improve the render:

Raise the anti-aliasing as high as you can. The rough edges at the top of the house look like the result of using “Enhanced Low”, which is alright for simple animation but no good for stills. Use enhanced medium at least.

Also, it looks like you’re adding the sky in Photoshop. Don’t. That creates rough edges also. Place it as a backdrop in LW for cleaner results.

The sky looks too procedural and computer-generated. Find some royalty-free clouds, or else use one of Lightwave’s sky-generating options like SkyTracer or TextureEnvironment. I like to use TextureEnvironment because it renders lightning-fast (unlike SkyTracer) and you can build specific layers of clouds based on gradients and such just like you would on any other texture.

You need a sharper texture for the adobe. It seems sanded down and slicked over. Some kind of micro-bump might be in order to bring the realism up.

The bumpy walls to the right of the house look odd, because you didn’t sharpen the subdivision surface map anywhere. Go into the “SupPatch Weight” weight map, and add some weight to the tops of the bumps to make them more straight. Right now they kinda’ look like camel humps, rather than a descening wall. You could also use the knife tool to add definition to the geometry.

Those are my notes. Again, sorry if I come off as harsh. It’s very cool, but everything just seems too soft and not quite realistic yet. The composition kicks ass.

(Other suggestion - Maybe add plants, if possible. Perhaps some small bushes. Foliage just screams realism, at least to me.)


Isn’t this in this month’s challenge? Why is it posted here? Also from that link all I’m seeing is a picture of Lilo. Please explain or I’ll have to close the thread.



Yes, this is in this month’s Adobe challenge.
The CG Challenge post has the “thread” section linked to this thread.

I have currently moved onto creating Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch. So, though i still appreciate comments from ppl. I’m not totally against this thread being shut down…

Your call Li’l D.

Thnx for the feedback, Michigan J.S.



Sorry will have to close it, you’re supposed to use CGArchitect forums from the challenge wip threads;f=33 . Start a new for Lilo