Arch construction


Here I start my construction diary. I will make very fast construction models just for fun.
My goals include:
-a better understanding of arch construction and of different styles and materials
-a better grasp on spacial composition
-practise architectural lighting
-having fun with form


Hey man,

I love your character work, so I’m sure this will turn out great. Is there a particular building your recreating, or is this of your own design?



Hey, thanks for cheering up! :wink:
This building is from imagination, then I will pick up refs for later ones. It’s a kind of building I’m living in - an old German brick-type.
It’s not like learning anatomy, it should be easier.


This is from imagination too. It’s interesting to compare with real buildings, which seem so much more interesting. This is stalinka (named for Stalin), which is elite building type for Kiev. Big windows, thick brick walls. Built for ages. Then came chrushevkas and later panel houses, which lack in most parameters to stalinkas or in some. One-room flat costs from 70000$.


A simple wooden shed.


Some first floor variants.

Now I feel I can go from basic directions of buildings, such as
-industrial (basically not for living and mainly functional)
-social (cheap and generic buildings)
-office buildings and malls


Basic outside balcony and such types.


Trying to make something of those balconies.


I have no constuctive (pun intended) comments, but good to see you still hanging around here. :slight_smile:


Hi man! :wavey: I’m happy to see you too. Your Christmas piece turned out great.

Some new elements.

Some basic constructions.



Thanks. I actually wanted to further improve it, particularly the lighting, but then my laptop crushed, & I have to reformat my harddisk, & a massive amount of softwares, & all the custom scripts, plug-ins etc.

Took a while to even get my machine back to productive condition, & last I tried, the scene wouldn’t render as I used some custom shaders, & they are missing since I have to reinstall Maya from stretch.

But neverthess, it makes for a good avatar picture, does it. Anyway, importantly, I am working on a new fun project now (at least it was fun, until the last few days where I met some technical issue with normal map generation/result).

Looking forward to more upadte form you. Cheers.


I think it’s pretty good and finished. :thumbsup:

Basic forms of big panel buildings.

Panel variations.

Monolith concrete buildings.

Basic carcasses

Wooden carcasses

Wooden connections

Metal carcasses

Hanging carcass systems



Some typical “boxes”.

Volume-block systems.
This turned out to be an interesting building, having futuristic chaotic look.

Outer reinforced and with inner core reinforcement buildings.

Some root reinforcement buildings. Those are interesting, I really enjoy those types.


I decided to make a fast sketch as the block-system inspired me to.


Some big-sized constructions. Some are metal, some are ferroconcrete.


Looking better with each .I Like the composition of the fast sketch. :buttrock:


Thanks man! Trying to put it into subconciousness, so it strikes back one moment. It’s kinda slow and creepy at this time, but all big starts with small.
Some sketches for fun.


Some more forms, mainly tent-like.


Ceiling types. Wooden, ferroconcrete and metal ones.

Some rooftops


You are a fan of Limbo?

I like the ‘Limbo’ picture with the robot. :wink: