Arch City, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Arch City
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Sci-Fi Cityscape made for fun,modeled and rendered in 3dsmax using finalrender,lots of post in Photoshop adding atmosphere & fx



Mate, wow!

Thats one heap of work ya got there.
Great job, everything is awesome, the light, the tone, the fog. Everything is fantastic.


Wow. Fantastic result. I always love you’re cities. Keep em coming! 5*


thanks guys,here’s a couple hi-res crops


Another one from you :slight_smile:
Great details.

I wonder how you manage to get so much into one scene, that’s apart from how your computer handles such heavy meshes.

Great work.


Very Nice Stefan! :smiley: I love the lighting in this scene.
Along with it’s anime style feel with a pretty sky in the background :slight_smile:


Superb. 5*


this is pretty sweet. would you mind throwing up some wires? 4*


here’s a wire & the GI pass,it’s mostly models I’ve made for other projects

I also made an animated fly through,now I lost interest in this animation half way through so dont crit too hard…I know there’s lots of tweaks & re-renderings still needed & I might return to it a later date by projecting the final still rather than rendering the full textured scene.



Pretty impressive shot. good job



nice. for a preliminary camera path it looks good. I wouldn’t abandon this. If you are not feelin’ it. give it a little time. Lotsa potential. If it’s a clinical camera you are on the right path … if we are flying in … good luck


This city is absolut fenomenal cool work Stefan
Keep it up


I love it!


AWESOME!!! You are a god of texturing and lighting…modeling too:)
Greetings from Poland


Awesome job !! as always :thumbsup:


Looks great, good job!
Another awesome model.


Great job Stefan,
I even think I actually prefer this one to your previous sweeping cityscape. The arch that frames the image gives it great majesty and scale.
Also, I’m no expert but the animation works perfectly fine for me as it is. Again, it retains the great sense of scale of the image.
May I ask how you do your volumetrics. Does your render support these out of the box or is it post-prod?


Another awesome cityscape. How do you get them out so fast? By the time i get one thing done, you made about 6 and all of them mindblowing


:thumbsup: 5*


Very nice work again! as always! 5*