Arch Air Freeways


This is an image representing an idea where Air Cars have replaced Ground Cars. The large Arch Freeways use a form of magnetism to accelerate the vehicles quickly to the destined city. They are similar to current tunnels in the way they are lit, but these serve the purpose of hyper speed travel.

(Photoshop CS4 + Cintiq)



Wow!! Impressive! Totally Mead! I hate you :banghead:


well done! :smiley:


Yes interesting idea, and very in the style. :arteest:


Yeah, I love the concept and the rappresentation of the background city…



proportions, composition, contrast and colors are work extremely well … best of luck.:thumbsup:


I like your style! Nice work!!


Thanks everyone!


Nice Job! Love the use of color and the loose painterly feel.
On my favorites list.


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