approaches to getting multiple sprites


hi guys,
is it possible to get more than one sprite image sequence into a particleShape and have it randomly assign one of those sequences to each particle? If not is there any workarounds?

my workaround is to create one very long image sequence where I put all my loops into one long movie .iff sequence then assign that but it doesn’t offer the greatest degree of flexibility.

I also want to keep the current layout of my particles too - I thought another solution is to duplicate the particle and assign a new image sequence to that duplicate but I cant delete out any particles to do so. if anyone has any solutions that’d be cool :slight_smile:

thanks everyone


finally (and I know I’m going post crazy with the other two similar threads), is it possible to get a particle sprite to only play out a certain range of 1image sequence. for example:
particle0 gets frames 1-100
particle1 gets frames 101-200
particle2 gets frames 201-300
particle3 gets one of the three options above randomly assigned.

just wondering…


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