Apprentice - Raxus, Manny Llamas (3D)


Title: Apprentice - Raxus
Name: Manny Llamas
Country: USA
Software: mental ray, XSI, ZBrush

The Secret Apprentice from “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”, in his Raxus Prime outfit.


Great work. Nice detail.


Great character and very cool render
Show us some more views! :slight_smile:


wow very nice work!!


Pure awesomeness!


Aaaah some descent Star Wars fan art for a change, nice one! :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Umm… He works at Lucasarts. Although technically I guess he could be a fan??? lol

Great job by the way. You have some extremely impressive credentials. The amount of time you’ve been in the industry really shows. Amazing work. I’m in San Jose and hopefully some day might work for Lucasarts. Though I’ll probably just need more experience under my belt.

Amazing piece!


It doesn’t say copyright Lucasarts on the image so it is his own :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


looks fantastic!


Well he’ll be able to explain it better then I could.


I know what you mean. He made it as work (job) and not as a hobby persé and you are right. It’s not technically fan-art like I initially said :slight_smile:


You really nailed that dynamic pose. Super job.


All i can say is wow!


Fantastic work.
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Fantastic. I’d love to see more.


Thanks for the kind words everyone!

This was done after hours for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and was later used as a marketing asset. (mag covers, standees, etc)
I used the in-game lower poly model and added the detail necessary to make it into a beauty render sculpt. (you’ll notice some nasty edgeloops here and there, but it worked as needed for the redner.) It also had the normal maps which had already been baked from the zbrush sculpt for in-game.

Attached some more views of the color maps, depth pass and some wireframes. :wink:


Thank you for the detail pictures. What a great texture detail and color.


Very detailed costume and great pose!!

Absolutely amazing, man. congrats! ;D


Great detail and nice posing.


Awesome, very nice work