This is my first post here. I would really like to have some feedback on a character I am working on. I want to start the retopo and textures soon. I will try to have a game ready character rendered in Marmoset Toolbag at the end.
I hope you like it.
The concept is from Christopher Young.

Concept By Christophe Young


This is a real nice model for your first attempt. There are some issues with anatomy and your forms but you got a whole lot of modeling happening on this character so it’s most likely do to needing to simply spend more time refrencing and getting some help with your forms. sometimes you just need to finsh out a project and work on those issues on your next model so retopoing this guy and doing textures will help you build a solid pipeline. Just make sure on your next character to try sometihng with less props and make your goal to work on your understanding and execution of form and anatomy more spend a lot of time with it to the point you own it and start out by finding the absolute best refrences you can and multiple angles and examples. Many new artists mistake it starting out with limited or low quality ref