Applying smooth brush on bad topology...


I come across this issue very often. I am not very good at zbrush and when i am sculpting the bad topology on the picture appears all the time.

If i apply smooth on the areas shown, i get nice surface but usinc standard or clay on the smoothed area makes the mesh look bad again. Polishing is solving the issue but still, ı can not apply any other brush on this area again.

How can i fix this issue? And what steps should i follow not to get this bad polygons?


really need to see a wire frame, try smart smooth, hold the shift key down and as you start to stroke let off the shift key(dont keep the shift key held down)
if you need to adjust your intensity then hold the shift key down first then adjust it,
if you adjust it with out the shift key held down your not really adjusting it.

all so mask the area and blur the mask and invert the mask then tool>deformation polish
there is a few polish sliders, try the Relax one all so.

on all of the above if your not getting the results, lower your subdivision level and try again


applied the polis on masked area, a couple of tweaks, divided the mesh 1 lvl up, applies the smart smooth, and its fixed…

thank you so much. Do you know a good tutorial on hints and techniques like this one? I think i need to jump to the next level…




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