Apply normal or displacement map


Is there a way to apply a normal map or displacement map in Silo3D?

In 3DCoat 4.7 I retopo’d a hires 3DCoat sculpt and baked the hires normal & displacement maps to the low res retopo’d model.

I want to view what the low res with maps applied look like in Silo3D.





I’m no Silo expert, but as far as I can tell…no. Silo is primarily (well, ‘only’, really) a Modeling program. You can do some basic sculpting, simple UV and texturing, but nothing else. If you want to see how a model will look with normal maps and all other maps and whatnot applied, look into picking up Keyshot or Marmoset Toolbox. I can’t tell you which one I like because I am still undecided on which I am going to buy (I’m waiting for some money to come in so I can buy a new computer and update/add some software).


Thanks for the reply. I already own Vue Complete 2016, DAZ Studio and Poser Pro so I’m not interested in another rendering app…