[Application]FREE Image Sequence Player


I am developing my application for watching sequence of images in specified FPS. Because I couldn’t find a fast and simple application to play sequences I decided to wrote it myself. You are welcome to use it and test it. Your suggestions for future realases are also welcome.

My application works faster than RAM Player fram 3ds max. The application is small and You don’t need to install it. I use it myself, it helps me to quick watch my rendered sequences.


see details and
DOWLOAD LATEST VERSION (v3.0 from July 2012):

last changes:

FISP v3.0 (July 2012)
[li]- the code has been rewritten under QT C++ (4.8.2) and optimized, http://qt.nokia.com/[/li][li]- uses Free Image Library (3.15.3)[/li][li]- RLA / RPF format added (basic RGBA 8,16 bit)[/li][li]- sound playback added[/li][li]- new interface[/li][li]- time slider added[/li][li]- settings added[/li][/ul]



Nice work, but i generally find djv pretty good:


Would be cool if you would keep the PNGs in RAM so it’s possible to play back
full HD sequences on 64bit systems.

Thanks, Rob


Also, would be cool if it could also read JPG.

But thanks anyway for making this available!
– MartinB


Hi, thanks for opinion…
I am currently working on new edition, stable, bug-free and with additional formats like TIFF, BMP and JPG…

This first release is early beta - to see if someone will be interested

@martinB, @rs3dcg - every loaded frames goes into RAM memory,
full HD playback is a good idea - thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing.


New version of Free Image Sequence Player (v1.2) is ready to download (check out the first post)

more formats and options, more stability…

please use it and test it, thanks for opinion…


New version of Free Image Sequence Player (v1.3) is available
fullscreen mode added


Thanks for making this, I’ve found it extremely useful to view our game’s animation stills as an animation before they get coded into the game.


Is this thread going to be about actual programming at some point, or will it remain a plug of a closed source software for people to download?
If the former, I can leave it here, if the latter, then I might as well move it for you to GD and give it more (and the right) visibility.

Let me know, will move it soon if I don’t hear about it.


after a long break, I released a new version of FISP (v2.0)
with a lot of new features, check the first post: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=6765492 or www.fisp.mateuszstaniszew.pl


Hi, moving this to news for you, and leaving a re-direct here.
Since news is chronologically ordered, it will probably end up fairly low. Feel free to re-post anew with this release to give it some visibility.



An UPDATE has been released with sobe critical bugs fixed.
Get FISP b[/b] - www.fisp.mateuszstaniszew.pl

  • fullscreen works fine now
  • there is a 8% memory limit to avoid system errors
  • problem with images reading has been fixed



A new version of FISP is available v3.0, lots of changes, see details and download here:


Thanks a lot!
I’ll give it a try.



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