Apples (version), Brian Prince (2D)


Title: Apples (version)
Name: Brian Prince
Country: United States
Software: Photo-Paint

This is an update to an older painting originally sketched a couple years ago. It’s still not a perfect piece, but I’m more happy with it now. There’s no intended religious subtext, it’s just meant to be a pleasant picture, and homage to the cool old illustrations they used to put on fruit crates.

Thanks for looking. Have an apple.


i love this piece,its indeed gave me an old feelings to it.
bravo~~keep this going :thumbsup:


What you should have done was made her nude and drew a serpant (sp?) around the genitals to create a garden of eden type thing…with no sexual appeal

but its good so far great job


he did not want a link to religion…

brian: you have a talent for painting grass, weeds and trees. I don’t know photo-paint but maybe you could share some of your brush techniques with us?

the girl looks slightly unfinished, esp. her feet. I also think she would’ve looked better in a nice white dress. but dresses are hard, I know.

I certainly like it.


arrrghh… the tree! the leaves… they’re so cool

i agree. a white dress would make this piece complete…
…not that im saying its not complete, but i dont imagine the townfolk women liking their men handling crates w/half naked women pasted on em.
seriously tho. i adore the feel of this pic… it has an extraordinary old school rhyme book feel to it.


ah yes I didnt see that…its awsome I really love the form of the tree and everything…you guys are creative!

could you do me a favor and give me some critique on mine?



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