Apple's Metal for Mac


Just when we thought we had the whole OpenGL, Open CL, Nvidia thing sort of figured out…

They have quite a few companies already on board: Epic Games, Autodesk, The Foundry, and Adobe being four notable ones. They’re also claiming an 8x speed boost on After Effects rendering.

Wondering if/how this will play into an R17 viewport, or if it’s just really naive of me to think Maxon would grab ahold of this as soon as it was released.

[EDIT] I had originally posted this in the C4D forum, as there had been quite a bit of discussion there regarding Open GL/CL, etc - thus my R17 comment, but I guess it was moved to the news section, as that does seem like a more suitable location.


question to me is if this new proprietary tech will bring anything in real then. time will show…


OpenGL & openCL on mac is as outdated as it gets, let’s hope OSX El Capitono’s Metal will make up for that.


Smells like the death of Vulkan to me. I mean at the end of the day The Kronos group took too long to deliver anything and they haven’t even released anything yet. The Vulkan announcement felt reactionary on their part since they were losing support due to their lack of action. Either Apple had to take the matters into their own hands if they wanted graphics performance or they would have to be stuck with OpenGl an OpenCL and not be able to add any features they deem important to differentiate themselves. With Metal it allows them the chance to add features that they want and need without having to rely on a standards body group that will take ages to even do anything. It’s why Ms can iterate DX so quickly. They work directly with hardware makers to see what’s coming down the pipeline in-terms of hardware features but don’t have to worry about CAD developers, CC app developers holding back progress because they want to stick with opengl 2.0 level graphics subsystems.

Here’s hoping it takes off, and here’s hoping Apple doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot by breaking things later like they always do. Having EPIC on board already is a plus. I’m sure Unity isn;t far behind. Now it’s up to Valve who has been trying to throw their weight behind Opengl. Luckily Opengl is still supported on OSX and still gets a performance gain but for how long?Apple isn’t known for sticking with legacy if they don’t have to.



ive read quite a bit on Metal when it was announced. If i was a developer id be quivering at the potential of this. Apples always had the advantage of developing the hardware and software to work seamlessly (trackpad), and this is really exciting. Its virtually an open vertical path down to the core, hence the name metal. should prove to be quite an interesting ride. Swift was pretty interesting too.


Is this OS independent? If not, how is this even a good thing, given apples track record with professional hardware and software?


Jack Greasley from The Foundry made some good points from a developer point of view why Metal is beneficial over say, OpenGL/CL, at the Direct Connect section on their forums. Looks like they already have the modo advanced viewport running on Metal in their dev labs.


It’s not OS independent, but I suspect that Apple is just giving the khronos group a run for their money, cause they’re unable to move on with anything.

The khronos group has it’s own version of Metal Api called Vulkan. I guess Apple looked into it and they weren’t happy with it and were angry with the slow progress things make over there.

OpenCL has been introduced by Apple too and made open source so the khronos group can build upon it. But it looks like the people running the khronos group aren’t capable enough to push things forward.

Apple want’s things to change fast but the rest of the industry wants to milk consumers another decade. I’m beginning to suspect that the khronos group sold its soul to Wintel :rolleyes:


As great as it might be, knowing that most of the professional VFX and animation studios are on Linux, I don’t see how metal can make a mark in such a market unless it’s OS independent.
Hopefully Apple will reconsider.