Apple Sued over Tiger, Injunction Sought


hehehe no joke. Over at slashdot.

I wonder if Apple will sue slashdot for posting this. Are pressified enough to withstand the might of J mans wrath?

actual article here.



wow. youd wanna make sure you got all your info right before slapping that on Steve’s desk.


I think it’s rediculous, bet it don’t amount to anything; Just Tiger looking
for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And, no, I’m not an Apple lover, I’m a PC/Linux man.:thumbsup:

But I’d have to file this under the heading, “Who Care’s?”, at least as far as I go.:shrug:


Didn’t some guy’s book get pulled off the shelves of hundreds of bookstores because it painted Jobs in a bad light, or something?

Looks like it’s one of those weeks for Jobs…


Um. Can you even copyright the word ‘Tiger’?

Given that it’s a word, I mean. ‘TigerOS’ or ‘TigerOS-X’ sure, but… I don’t know, maybe I’m getting my wires crossed here, but its like trying to copyright the word ‘The’, isn’t it?

It’s not allowed. :shrug:

This other company may have ‘TigerDirect’ and ‘TigerSoftware’ but I don’t think ‘Tiger’ is anybodies.

Though obviously this is just a thought. I have no legal experience or expertise to back any of that up… :smiley:


Unlike the Windows / Lindows case, the actual word ‘Tiger’ may not be the problem, here. It could be that TigerDirect have a case if Apple’s advertising campaign is seen as potentially harming the company as a result of the frequent use of the Tiger metaphors.

Too similar to TigerDirect’s advertising campaign, and Apple could be seen as stepping on their toes.


dont have to look far. microsoft copyrighted a more commonly used (and not as a result of) word than Tiger - Windows



But isn’t the copyright on ‘Microsoft Windows’, or ‘Windows98/2000/Xp/Etc…’ Not the singular word itself.

There’d be a lot of double glazing salesman really peeved if they couldn’t slap ‘Windows’ down the side of their vans, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:


Wait a second though… if any of what I’m saying is true…

‘Apple’ couldn’t be called Apple.

But then aren’t they technically called ‘Apple Macintosh’ anyway?


Rubs forehead and frowns

I. Am. Jacks. Widespread. Legal. Confusion. :rolleyes:


This is an intersting thread. It is not the first time Apple Computers have been on the defensive over names.

Since both TigerOS and TigerDirect are to do with computer technology, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


@ SketcH01

I feel you pain, I thought that same thing, then my head spun, then I thought I’d go read the copyright laws, then I laughed, then I cried, then I decided I didn’t want to start a flame war…:surprised:surprised:curious:

I thought I had read somewhere that common words can not be copyrighted. So, Aple Computer can be copyrighted, but not Just Apple. Hell, if he could do that, wouldn’t everyonne who used the word “apple” have to pay him for the right or face a lawsuit?
Think I’ll dig into my law encyclopaedia (yeah, I have one…sad, isn’t it.:p)

Wouldn’t Apple dropping the wily books (all of them) breach some form of business law? It doesn’t seem very ethical to me. Not that I care, I avoid apple like the plaque!:shrug:


Don't have time to read it all, but there's some good info here. Basically it says common words can't be copyrighted, bu they can be trademarked. Have to read more and find better sources.



This lawsuit is frivolous. Tiger cannot be a trademark. Period. If Apple called there operating system, Tiger Direct OS X, then they’d have a case.

In fact, looking at their own page:

Copyright/Trademark Information is a registered trademark of, Inc. This entire website, copy, images, logos, indicia, text, content, and unique method of showcasing products is copyright 1996-2004, Inc. All trademarks appearing herein are acknowledged. Permission to use documents delivered from this World Wide Web site and/or server and related graphics is restricted. The name of, Inc. or any of the above trademarks or logos may not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of this information without specific, written prior permission. The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical, technical, or descriptive errors of products herein.

They specifically outline the only way they’d have a case against Apple.


They did, but it was very, very dubious. This is one of the reasons why their law suite against Lindows (now Linspire) was probably settled out of court. They shot themselves in the foot - they continually failed to get summary injunctions against Lindows, and then when they tried to push the Windows copyright/trademark issue, the judge turned around and said ‘er, I’m not actually sure that this is legal guys’ and started a review of the entire thing… :slight_smile:

So much for the thinking of high priced lawyers.


It’s not just a matter of trademark infringment, they are contending that by Apple naming their OS Tiger, they are in fact diluting the “value” of the Tiger Direct in that Tiger will now refer more to the OS than the Company. Not that I agree with the lawsuit (google Tiger, and you stil get Tiger Direct within top 3 searches), but apple has done this before. IANAL so take what you will;;


I have just about nothing to do with laws, but I heared that two companies can have the very same name, as long as their activity is different.

And nowadays you can never know, what isn’t copyrighted…
i have to ask my parents…“I know you gave me a name, and all that silly stuff…but you didn’t forget to place it under a trademark, havent’t you?”. I am affraid to use my name…


heh thats nothing. the german telekom has trademarked the letter “T”.
there was some guy who had a tea pub called T - Pub, they sued him and won.


Funny you should say that on this forum, where we use software with names like “Combustion”, “Blender”, “Shake”, and “Maya” from companies with names like Discreet and Alias. They’re all just words :stuck_out_tongue:


Sir, that would now be Autodesk Media and Entertainement, thank you very much. Now type it three times!

As far as the lawsuit goes, ridiculous. It seems to be popular recently to file lawsuits against giant corporations only for big bucks.


I just trademarked every letters of the alphabet. The world is now mine. I bet James Bond never saw that one coming!


on the Apple naming thing Apple were already sued by Apple :smiley:

no seriously here. The Beatles Apple records sued Apple Computers and I believe in the end a compromise was met whereby Apple Computer was made to promise to not get into the music industry… however when itunes music store came out that agreement was broken…