Apple Reveals new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013


you price a SAN that’s fast enough to do proper 1080p editing? fucker’s expensive.


Not directly related to the mac pro discussion, but OSX Mavericks is confirmed to support OpenGL 4.0.

About time.


outstanding performance and vintage design, I love it! :drool:


It won’t be Ivybridge which is more consumer it’ll be Ivybridge-E if it’s not current gen which are Sandybridge-E based (LGA2011).


Engadget video of the prototype as displayed at WWDC. Crazy how small it actually is. :surprised


That’s what I meant when I said “based”. It’s fundamentally the same architecture as the consumer editions but with extra memory channels and ECC etc enabled, and stuff like on-board graphics disabled.


Man, you are right. Super tiny!


as long as it has 8 channel Thunderbolt (which is straight up PCIe over a cable) it should be sweet and there should be chassis’ with PCI expansion plus wicked fast SATA/eSATA drive slots that can take advantage of it at a lower price than some of the completely customized SAN blocks out there. It would surprise me if some company built a chassis with expansion that one could actually sit the Mac Pro in only partially exposed either.


here’s a Mod that i have always liked

I have to add, how come people keep saying its a stylist new and slick design… My soda can has had this design since i can remember drinking them. Sure maybe not the the Heat core but hey i don’t see it.

Spec wise i like what i hear but other then that … naw


I only wished they put a handle across the top.


The whole top is a handle.



supposedly there is a handle on the top, and the machine can also rotate on its base to expose the ports more easily.


It would be nice if Apple would build a first party chassis or two and gave benchmarks, but with Thunderbolt basically being a direct extension the PCI bus over a cable it’s not limited like USB or Firewire is. It’s just a matter of the right third party building the right chassis at a fair price.


I see, you confused me by saying it’s been around the market for a while but the IB-E haven’t. They’re doing the usual staggered releasing between the server and consumer chips.


Heck, you could fit two, maybe three of the new models inside a Mac Pro 2010 case with its insides removed.
It’s possible there will be very clever third party entrepreneurs playing in to ideas just like that.


Ahahaha it is literally a trash can. :smiley:


Or an ashtray. :smiley:


“Okay, desktop sales are at an all-time low. We need to take back the whole desktop market with something truly revolutionary. Let’s make an entirely custom, non-standard shape that will be difficult to cool, cost $3k, and another fortune to upgrade!” Soon, the Apple board members became tired of patting each other on the back, and retired to the lounge where they enjoyed cigars with tobacco grown from seeds passed through the digestive system of a rare albino tiger, and sipping champagne from inverted human skulls.

Seriously, you can get a similar spec pc right now for a third the price of this oil filter.


Not having releases any prices or any concrete specs this is a slightly bold claim to make. :slight_smile:


Base model starts at $2500 USD.