Apple Reveals new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013


I actually think this is a great looking system, If it was called the Mac Mini Pro. If It can take Nvidia cards, and the price is around 3k I will probably get one to for my desk. but as a 3d / Post workstation in a Studio…not so much. I think Boxx will get a bump in sales starting today.


I really doubt that the CPUs will cost more then the Apple mark up.


i can see a R2D2 mod… :smiley:


With it being that small it may have modified components which can greatly increase the cost. Probably the modified GPU’s and motherboard will mean a higher cost since they have to be designed to fit in there.


The power supply must be external, yes?


i’m curious jack. i might of missed it but how much video memory does each card have and will mari be able to take advantage of the dual cards in anyway?


It requires a clover cable so i don’t think so.


According to the Mac Pro page on the Apple website:
“Not only does it feature a state-of-the-art AMD FirePro workstation-class GPU with up to 6GB of dedicated VRAM — it features two of them.”

So I’m guessing there’s 12GB of VRam to play with on a fully specced out BTO.


Looks a bit like a round Drobo.


In other news water is wet and the sun is hot.

I believe that is still 6gb not 12. It is just crossfire.


I’m guessing the cards will be from the current AMD FirePro range, with the the W9000 being the very top end (Apple mention the 6GB VRAM) with a few options lower. That’ll probably add to a scary price unless Apple get a very good deal, currently it’s ~$3,400 each for a W9000 retail.

They don’t specify exact CPUs apart from being 12 cores so if it’s the current 2011 socket, probably 2x E5-26xx Xeons (the top E5-2667 retails for ~$1500 each) or hopefully ones from the newer IB-E architecture, which would make sense given the releases being around the same time.

I’m expecting it to be quite expensive, here’s to hoping for you guys. Still very impressive engineering to get in such a tight form factor!



i’m guessing that is theAMD FirePro W9000 or maybe an unreleased card.


I’m pretty sure they’ll be Ivybridge based since they’ve been on the market now for a bit. Haswell architecture is only used for the E3 range so far but you aren’t missing much other than power savings. In the restricted space of this new Mac Pro that might mean future versions with 16-cores if Intel produce a Haswell-based E5 that runs cool enough to not overwhelm the ventilation system. AMD are on a roll lately, scoring big wins for the Playstation 4, EX-BONE, and now this thing. God knows they need the cash.


lol… this is utterly mad, they’ve made a bin… a bin with an apple logo on it
are they deliberately trying to make macs easier to parody?


From the presentation it looks as if it only features a single SSD drive connected via PCIe. No Optical drive and no option to add any internal masstorage device.
I will be interested in what Apple will offer to those that need more than half a TB of diskspace in a graphics workstation.


Lol! I thought this was a joke at first. Very interesting and eye catching design, but I get the feeling this will really annoying in the long run.


Hehe, yeah this is the world’s most expensive overdesigned trashbin ever seen by a human eye and it comes filled with overpriced electronics. :smiley:

I’m sorry to say that this major designfailure will be joked with so much hehe.

/ Magnus


Thunderbolt-based peripherals, with that clumsily over-engineered and expensive proprietary interconnect. Still, it’ll be ridiculously fast - just won’t look pretty on your desktop with a spider-web of cables everywhere.


small, useless case = lots of external devices to clutter your desk, more wires, more plugs needed


USB drives, Thunderbolt drive racks, SANs, etc.