Apple Reveals new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013


actually i was before my current job


Then come the Fall release, we’ll see if your prediction proves true.

For me the most important things are: Speed and silence. If this new Darth Mac is to have a place on my desk, both these characteristics have to be better than my current (dual proc) 2010 Mac Pro.


I’m not really sure how you’re measuring that. It’s a really simplified air-flow. Academically speaking, I think I’d prefer that design to the intestine-like machine I have now.


the cylinder shape makes virtually no difference if any. there have been plenty of cylindrical cases before this so if there was some amazing difference to the airflow everyone would use it, apple are not the first to invent a cylindrical case.

what makes a bigger difference is that the air is being sucked in from the bottom and vented out the top. these are the kind of cases i get where the airflow is designed bottom to top instead of the more conventional front to back. i’m more interested in how effective the triangular heat sink is.


It means you need fewer fans.

Actually there are more differences than just a cylindrical case that are relevant here. Frankly, that’s a topic that’s already been done to death, not sure why that has suddenly been forgotten.


Speed and silence…

First thing I do when building a workstation is to ditch the case fans and install bigger silent Scythe fans. It work very well.

I do agree that silence is gold when working. Hopefully the new Mac Pro will indeed be silent.


You should post links of said cylindrical computers/computer cases, because I’ve never seen one and I doubt anyone else has either which is why there’s so much talk about it. Understanding the basic rule of science that tells you that heat rises is all you really need to know to understand that trying to blow extra heat out from side to side/front to back probably aint the the best way to do it.

Well maybe not in the consumer desktop world, but those old Cray mainframes where built in a large cylindrical case array. 

The Mac Pro case looks nice, but I think you guys are reading way to much into the shape. Its just meant to be an eye catching and unique design. Circuits, Plugs, CPUs, GPUs, PSUs, RAM, HDD enclosures, cases, monitors, rooms, buildings, and entire American cites are built around squares and rectangles. I think Apple is just trying to stand out and generate a little buzz. 



I dunno
Edge vents on the bottom, airflow paths either along the outer perimeter of the package, between the outer housing & the outer sides of the PCBs or along the inner Thermal Core section
Giant custom fan on top of case
Edge vents on the top
So basically the entire volume has air pulled straight thru it
Easy, efficient, effective


I wouldn’t call that a cylindrical case at all. Horse shoe shaped, or C-shaped yes, but certainly not comparable to the new Mac Pro case.


I was looking for a small, quiet and cool system that I could “easily” transport beetween two workingplaces for quite some time now.
(Laptops lacking graphicspower and mini-pcs having their coolingproblems.)
This computer could fit in nicley.
(Since I am on PC -software only at the momemt, my only worry would be bootcamp.)
And If they would make its hull transperent or semitransparent it would even look more
If I were a PC-manufacturer, I would start producing something similar at a lower price
I turned away from apple over 12 years ago and always laughed secretly about those
“Apple-fanboys” ever since, spending these ridiculus amounts of extramoney just for feeling
But 2 years ago my wife bought an i-pad and now I use it daily.
This new Mc Pro could definitly draw me back more into the apple world again depending on its final outcome and price.


after you add on the value of Apple tech support and warranty, the value of using OSX’s time saving workflow improvements, the value of less maintenance and the fact that macs actually retain reasonable resale value. PC’s are more expensive


This is how Apple products create new businesses. Someone is going to design a new way to mount these in an array like system.

Think futuristic rows of cpu pods.


Just out of curiosity, How did you come up with the 80%? :slight_smile:
On a serious note, I’d love to compare its price (when it’s announced) to a computer with equivalent specification.


It’s a standard anti-Apple retort that actually has some grain of truth to it, although typically it is misunderstood. Every so often there’s a big debate about whether or not Apple is more expensive than a Win PC. Some say: “it’s significantly more expensive!”, others say: “Actually they’re about equivalent”. The fun part? They’re both right. It’s just a matter of the time of year. If you go to Dell’s site and spec out a machine, then go back a month later and spec it out again, you’ll likely get better specs for the same price. Why? Dell sells lots of machines and keeps their components up to date. Apple, on the other hand, has a simplified inventory. If they release a Macbook Pro in June, the one you buy in October will have the exact same specs and price. The result? It’s more expensive than what you get at Dell for the same specs. If you’re one of the people who buys it near the launch date, you’re doing fine in the specs department. If not… well you could have done a little better.


Put 4 of them in a nice glass cabinet with gaps to let the hot air out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah…just one in a hopefully forthcoming Magma Thunderbolt chassis with a Xeon Phi card will do the trick. Hopefully they develop some OS level optimization for that Xeon Phi soon.


I was reviewing this new mac pro at the apple website and I am very impressed with the design. I might buy one in the future. And its nice to know that this new mac pro will be entirely built and assembled in the US and not in China anymore; as most of the electronics industry in the world have shifted and concentrated in the far east making the chinese very rich. Its about time to bring back the momentum and revolution in the design field as well as manufacturing back to the US to bring jobs to the american people and recover back their confidence.


The design makes it look like a western digital external. kind of… meh. There won’t be over heating issues because of the AMD processors. They will be more energy efficient but, the trade off is going to be decreased performance when it does get hot. (instead of overheating and failing)

Happy their using AMD again.


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