Apple releases Motion for 300$


Introducing Motion, the only motion graphics package with real-time previews, procedural behavior animation and Final Cut Pro HD integration.

Apple’s high-performance motion graphic design and production application lets you explore new creative territory using self-propelled behavior animation, character-by-character title animation and a powerful new interface. Motion integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 3, making it quicker and easier than ever to create motion graphics for film, video and DVDs.

Real-Time Instant Gratification

Motion is fine-tuned to maximize the hardware and architecture of the Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X Panther. The result? Real-time on-screen responsiveness and interactivity that feels like a dedicated system. Move and resize video layers interactively, add filters at full resolution and watch keyframe and behavior animations come to life instantly. If you’re using Motion’s advanced particle generator, you can adjust the angle, color and rate in real-time while the effect is playing.

Self-Propelled Animation

New procedural animation technology — called behaviors — creates movement and simulations without keyframes. Simply drag and drop one of over 40 customizable behaviors onto type or graphics. There are four kinds of behaviors: basic, text, simulation and parameter. You can customize and combine them to create unique effects. For frame-by-frame control and precision use Motion’s innovative, powerful keyframe toolset with Bezier and B-spline controls.

Industrial Strength Templates

Motion templates are professionally designed for applications such as broadcast news, entertainment, event video, corporate presentations and DVD motion menus. You can customize them to your needs or cut and paste individual elements to build new ones. Presets for text styles, gradient colors and particles for rain, smoke and fire provide a solid foundation for creating a custom look quickly and easily

Seamless Integration

Motion works in perfect harmony with Apple’s suite of professional applications — including Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3, Shake 3.5, Soundtrack and Logic Pro 6 — to give you an uninterrupted production workflow. For example, you can modify Final Cut Pro HD cuts, layers, blend modes and motion paths in Motion’s timeline. Or if you’re working in Final Cut Pro HD, you can even launch Motion right from its timeline. When you’re ready to create your DVD, you can drag and drop your completed Motion titles, DVD motion menus and animations onto DVD Studio Pro 3. What’s more, DVD Studio Pro 3 automatically encodes your Motion projects to MPEG-2, so you don’t have to.



Even being the Apple fan I am I couldn’t help thinking this is a bit more GarageBand than Logic. Yeah, all the processing’s there, but it just seems a bit too easy to be really useful and controllable.

Need to try it for myself, to see just how much control you really get. That price point is lower than I was expecting.


The price has been listed since they first announced it existed. Great stuff. :thumbsup:


Will, the administrator of Highend3d, said some pretty interesting things about Motion.,2&Board=thebuzz&Number=176654&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1

I doubt this is anything like a garageband type of software. I’m thinking more along the lines of a stream-lined After-FX. Makes you wonder what Adobe will do now.


I didn’t realise about the price point announcement, I’d just seen some of the vids.

It certainly set my “instant drag and drop effects” alarm bells ringing. If it is up to/beyond After Effects capability I think we can expect Adobe to drop that on Mac the way they did Premiere, or have they already?


I think AE will remain a mainstay until Adobe isn’t selling any copies to Mac users any longer. That’s why they dropped Premiere. The sales dropped below acceptable levels. I don’t see Motion as an instant AE replacement anyway. I have not actually seen motion yet, but I wouldn’t suspect Apple AE user base will go away any time soon.


Kid Tripod.

I’ve seen Motion in action and while it’s extremely fast for doing some Motion Graphics effects it doesn’t have the depth or breadth of AE yet. Both should co-exist in the same toolbox. Motion does have a lot of power. The “Behaviors” that it uses are just templates you still have full access to the keyframes for full tweakability. Motion also does a pretty damn good matte job as well. AE still has plenty of features though that aren’t available in Motion like motion tracking and z axis stuff. But Motion does what it does very well and FAST.


I’m a Final Cut Pro editor who has been sitting with version 3 for a while… At the same time, I’ve been drooling for DVD Studio Pro since its inception and same with Motion.

Boy, am I glad I waited! :smiley:

When Apple announced the “Production Suite” (FCP-HD, DVD Studio 3 & Motion) upgrade for FCP owners for $700? I couldn’t hit the “order” button fast enough! It says it’ll ship out by the end of August at the latest. I’ll let you know what Motion feels like under the hood!



Tom read this review of Motion

There is an amazing amount of control in this app. Even the templates that are now on Apple’s Motion page are damn good. I can only imagine what a Pro will come up with.

I’ll be getting the Suite sometime next spring or summer which means I’ll be inline for the next versions. I’m excited.


I have not actually seen motion yet, but I wouldn’t suspect Apple AE user base will go away any time soon.

Unless some Mac folks don’t use all the features of After Effects, then this is where Adobe may start to consider the end of AE on the Mac. Mac users could feel Motion is just what they are looking for and stop upgrading their AE copies, or purchasing AE altogether after seeing the two side by side. AE non-pro cost $695 while Motion runs $295. It will be hard for Adobe to compete on that price point. Also, Mac folks seem to be more passionate about Apple’s software which will lead to Motion sells, and less AE sells. Apple does a great job with their software and Mac users are there to snap it up. Adobe will undoubtably feel some sort of pinch coming soon. The “Motion is more than I’ll ever need” users may help end AE for the Mac.


Yeah, I’d not knock Adobe products, but there’s no question that when it comes to Mac software Apple seem to be the only people that can make apps that feel like they belong on the system, and don’t seem to be another platform clumsily bodged into an Aqua UI.

The Adobe stuff, great though much of it is, really always feels like it’s not making the most of your system, both in performance and UI terms.

Personally, I’m concerned that one day Apple may piss off Adobe too much, which would be fatal for the platform. On the other hand it’s good to see competition in an industry where we’re not really used to it, and hopefully it will spur both parties on to better things.


Motion in its current form is simply not enough to push AE off the platform. Not that I want it to in the first place. AE has a lot of functionality albeit that power comes at the prices of speed and $$$. Apple will revamp Motion slowly but eventually they will have many more features in Motion and Pros will start to ask themselves on if they should buy the latest AE upgrade or Motion upgrade.

Personally I like Adobe’s Print stuff but I’m not that enthused with their video stuff so if they decide to can AE in 3-4 years it won’t matter because Motion and Combustion would be nice choices at the low end and Shake would be at the high end.


AE is pretty entrenched in its market, so if anything, the only hurt Adobe might feel, is if Motion starts to affect Mac sales of AE. But, Motion in itself is no danger to AE as a whole, Motion is Mac only afterall.

For what it does, Motion looks nice though.


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