Apple Hardware to run windows


Well… until the EIAS port to Mactel is complete, there’s always this:

Now apple hardware will run Windows. Hmmm…buy cool apple hardware and run EIAS through windows. Could work in a pinch. :slight_smile:


why run EIAS under windows, when you have beautiful, virus free, rock solid OS X? but then of course perhaps you want to run Softimage and that’s another story…

I wonder if windows will make proper use of the hardware, like the graphics card. That’s a very important question.



Oh I’d rather run under OSX as well… however with the EIAS port to Mactel requiring months to complete, you could buy apple hardware, get a duo dongle, run EIAS under Windows and survive until the port is complete.

As for graphics cards… I think you’ll see a very promising future in this area. You’re about to see an explosion of new cards for the just on this alone.


How about OSX for PC ? sounds much better to me :slight_smile: cheap hardware and a sweet OS, haaa maybe one day…



EI runs fine right now in OS X on the MacIntel’s. It will run faster when the universal binary is done, but is pretty snappy as is.


Have you tried running Modeler on a Mactel? Doesn’t it still work or is it finally the end of the road?


One of my friends did succeed in getting OSX to run on one of his 3.x GHz Intel boxes, and I guess it ran pretty well. He was quite impressed with how well it actually worked. Though each update to the OS seems to break it, and then he has to fix it again.

But, his Quad G5 blows all away! Outside high end server stuff (like our 8 processor server at work with 34 GB of RAM), there is really nothing on the consumer market that will touch that Mac Quad. I’m guessing it will be well into 2007 before anything from Intel will match it.

But, actually, I think Mac hardware isn’t that overpriced these days. Maybe the graphic cards are overpriced, but in general Macs theses days are probably underpriced for what you are getting… ‘apples to apples you know’.

I recently built a AMD based box for a MythTV system. After probably 30 to 40 hours of messing around, I’m getting it under control (note that I’m a sr. IT operations person for a fortune 100 company, so not exactly clueless about hardware / software). Granted it is Linux and I’m more of a Unix newbie than Windows or OSX… but buying a bunch of PC hardware (especially if trying to keep it cheap) and getting it working well is more than a challenge for most people… even those WITH a clue.

The fact that I can buy a fast little Mac in a well designed package for $600 (or dual CPU for $800) with all the needed ports… and it all works together flawlessly… is really worth a lot. IF you could build such a thing yourself for $100 less, how much is your time worth? If you spend 10 hours messing with it, you’re now only worth $10 / hour… and if you are any good at what you use the computer for, you have just lost $20 to $100 per hour for 10 hours… so you saved $100 and lost $1000. (and if everything doesn’t go well, 10 hours is nothing)

There are times when building a known good PC hardware combination in quantity might be able to come out ahead of Apple hardware… but this argument is baloney for most people. I’ve known this for years… and even though I work professionally with Win and Unix boxen, I use a Mac whenever possible. It has always been my secret advantage.

It’s tempting it would seem to build up that cheap PC… but the first time you try and hit problems… you’ll gladly pay Apple the extra $100. :wink:



EIM is reported to run fine.


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