Apple Cinema Display Alternatives?


Has anyone got any good alternatives to the Apple Cinema Displays? I use a PC and am looking for a 16:9 (or wider) aspect ratio monitor. Good colour repoduction and fast responses are important.

The new Apple options are very nice, but might there be cheaper options?



Just FYI, they are 16:10, not 16:9



Samsung 213T

[li] Viewable Image Size: 21.3"[/li][li] Response Time (ms): 25[/li][li] Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2[/li][li] Contrast Ratio: 500:1[/li][li] Viewing Angle (H/V): 170/170 (degrees)[/li][li] Interface: Analog/Digital[/li][li] Horiz. Frequency: 30-93 (kHz)[/li][li] Max/Native Resolution: 1600x1200[/li][li] Emissions Standard: TCO '95[/li][li] Available Color(s): Black, Silver[/li][li] Special Features: Narrow Bezel Design, Pivot Technology/Swivel, Dual CPU Input [/li][/ul]


I read somewhere that Apple’s Apple Cinema Displays are made by LG. So maybe you should check out LG’s LCDs.



if you are willing to consider CRT, i would recommend Sony : larger screen, higher resolution, better colors for half the price.


Check out the HP l2235, and f2304. The Apple monitors use the same LG screen, but have different backlighting.


I picked up a 213T a while back… decent screen… but ghosts pretty bad… so if your planning on any gaming at all… or dvds. i would stay clear of it. Just my opinion! I ended up giving up my 213T in favor of my older sony g500 21inch crt… which lets my display more fps in games and has no ghosting. to put some plus on the 213T… webpages look great… and windows in general has never looked so good… my main complaint was once anything was moving… it looked pretty bad. oh well i hear the newer models have better response times… hopefully that will change


that’s weird… I just picked up the 213t and don’t see any ghosting. I was suprised cause I was expecting to see some as the model has a 25ms response time. I could see a loss in quality on VGA connection but on DVI it’s perfect. The only time I can actually see any bluring is when I move really fast a window thats pure color blue/red (in windows). The edges get a bit soft when you move it really quickly. In games I don’t really see much difference. Counter Strike and UT2004 are pretty much the same. Playing them at 1600x1200 looks amazing, though UT2004 sometimes chugs on some maps at that res. As far as DVDs also I’ve had no problems. Poped in Finding Nemo and it looked great. Actually beacause the monitor is so sharp you can actually see the compression artifacts which was annoying; any compression is really visible… be it a dvd or a webpage… This was one of the reasons why I got the LCD… after using my laptop (which has the Black Onyx display) I couldn’t look at CRTs anymore… they look ‘blury’ when compared to a flat panel (and I compare it to a Sony and a Mitsubishi which I thought were amazing when I got them).
They only thing that I had to spend some time on was proper color setup. I have the CRTs sitting next to it and the colors were way too warm. One thing which is annoying as well is that when you have the panel on DVI the button controls are off and you have to use the windows controls to adjust your contrast/colors. Took some fiddling with it but finally got it. Now as with all LCDs the blacks are no 100% pure black but I find that in general use that’s really not a problem; most images actually look more vivid and sharper than on a CRT. geez I sound like an lcd fanboy now. :slight_smile:
At the end though I recommend that you go to a retailer and have a look at the display with your own eyes; a lot of these things are subjective. If you’re looking for a wide screen there was also the BenQ FS231W 23" panel that I was looking at. Had some great specs but at the end it was a $1000 more just for 300 pixels more on screen. In my case I rather save that money and just get a second LCD.


The new apple displays can work with a PC. I saw a 23" today at the apple store. The viewing angle is great. I use a 21" CRT and 19" CRT and my eyes are killing me. Also the old apple displays can be used with a PC with a cable converter.


time to conder using a higher refresh rate. for example. i was at this insurance guys office one time and after 2 minutes of being there the screen annoyed the hell out of me. i asked him if he uses the comp much and he replied that yes, he does use it a ton, and that he was getting a better machine with a better monitor soon cuz his eyes were killing him.

i asked him if i could change the refresh rate and when he looked at the screen he loves what he saw :slight_smile: ( got a nice discout on my insurance while at it :wink: )

85-100hz should do you good.

at work we got 23" apple displays and i do recommend them. theyve been a joy to work with so far. except for the fact that they dont scale down resolutions too well. ( meaning that you will be forced to work at 1920x1200 or some other rediculous resolution like that.). working at that resolution slows down opengl acceleration by a whole lot, and its not worth it.


That is really dependant on your video card. I used one with a gforce 5 card with 128 and 256 meg of vram and it works just fine. A gforce 4 or earlier with only 64 meg of ram on it or less is going to be pretty painfull.


I am pretty sure ambient-whisper’s studio’s computers use quadros.


Sounds like going and looking at the monitors in ‘real life’ is a must. I will check out the other models aswell. Thanks people. The nice and nasty thing about TFT’s at the moment is that they are changing so quickly, so your investment is often quickly superseeded by a technically better model.


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